Black Sabbath Coloured Vinyl Feature

Without a doubt, Black Sabbath are one of the most influence bands ever. Not just in the world of heavy metal, but for so many musicians. A few months ago, Rhino reissued all nine studio albums of Black Sabbath that feature Ozzy on coloured vinyl.

These editions feature gatefold packaging and most of them have some extra liner notes that go into what the band was doing/thinking at the time. These vinyl use the audio from the 2012 reissues.  I haven’t heard those up until I started spinning these and I have to say that this is the best I’ve ever heard these. I’m very, very impressed and would recommend them to people that haven’t picked them up on vinyl yet (or want to pick up the 2012 CD remasters).

I’m not a fan of seeing the huge Warner Brothers logo on the front of all the albums. I really think they could have just left them on the back. I mean, did they REALLY need to do that and ruin the front of the albums?

I’m not going to give any commentary each album as this is a quick piece about what the albums look like. It’s more of a picture/showcase feature to show what colours they chose for each particular album, as well as how they tackled the gatefold layout. I will say there are gems on every album (and no, not just the classics or the same songs you’ve heard more times that you can remember), and I’m not one of those people that say that only their first 3-4 albums with Ozzy are relevant.  Leave your thoughts on your favourite album in the comments section!

Before I start, I’d like to thank Mike over at RoundMedia for helping me obtain these albums at a great price! Thank you! Feel free to check out their store if you want to grab these for yourself!

Black Sabbath  (1970)

Paranoid  (1970)

Master of Reality  (1971)

Vol. 4  (1972)

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath  (1973)

Sabotage  (1975)

Technical Ecstasy  (1976)

Never Say Die!  (1978)