WWE Raw Thoughts: September 26, 2016

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Source: WWE.com

Let’s start off with the one positive for this week’s show: the show started off with a match that was about 25 minutes long. FANTASTIC! Roman Reigns gave Rusev his rematch after winning the US Championship (horribly) the night before at Clash of Champions.

Watching this match and seeing closeline after closeline from Reigns made me shake my head. Just like the night before, too, Reigns took a beating for the majority of the match only to keep kicking out of pins. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The refs pausing when there were clear three counts only added to me chanting “BS!” at the TV. I can’t stand this kind of booking. It’s almost like someone has to shoot Reigns in order to get a pin…and even if that was the case and Vince was still booking it, he’d STILL kick out.

The match ended in a double count out which shows that we’re going to be seeing this feud head to the Hell in a Cell PPV and I can see this match actually being the one that will be in the Cell.

Another great part of the show was the Crusierweight matches. The tag match between Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulack and Lince Dorado was a pretty damn good contest. All four men had a chance to show what they could do. I also really liked how they introduced some of the competitors with video vignettes. Hopefully this isn’t a one-off, as I think all these guys would benefit if the TV audience were shown these a few more times.

The other Cruiserweight match TJ Perkins vs. Tony Nese was another great showcase of athletism. These two guys are stars and I hope the label of “Cruiserweight” doesn’t diminish their value on the roster. I was impressed with Nese in the CWC Tournament on the WWE Network, but tonight just really upped his value. The WWE fans should be thankful that we have new and fresh talent with a slightly different style.

I will say that I am TOTALLY pissed off with the audience in attendance. You had two guys putting on a great match, showing more action than many matches in the last couple of months and you stupid fucks are chanting “CM Punk” and “Randy Savage” during it? What the hell is wrong with some of you people. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What a joke.

What isn’t a joke is that we get another Cruiserweight championship match between Perkins and Brian Kendrick next week. Hopefully the crowd will be a little more invested in that match.

I am officially done with Foley and Stephanie McMahon on Raw TV. Foley was a bumbling idiot this week (or should I saw was written to be one) and it was even clearer after being torn to pieces verbally by Stephanie. Why do the McMahons have to show that they are constantly THE dominant force. This isn’t supposed to be about them anymore. This is a huge reason I like Smackdown a hell of a lot more.

Speaking of a bumbling Foley, he brings both Cesaro and Sheamus to the ring only to tell them that they stole the show but instead of finalizing who the best man is, after SEVEN matches, you’re telling us that it will not happen because he’s sticking them together as a tag team? I bet when both men heard that’s how the story line was going to go, they were pretty pissed off.

Later on backstage when Cesaro and Sheamus were bickering about teaming together, Foley’s rationale is that he may “lose” one of them because their in-ring aggression towards each other? Who in the hell writes this shit?? They’ll put people in Hell in a Cell, or a steel cage and let them do jumps off of the top, but they won’t let these two have a final match to see how THE top guy is? Give me a fucking break.

Speaking of piss-poor writing/booking, WWE can release Gallows and Anderson and let them go back to NJPW so they’re not brought down in the eyes of wrestling fans any further. They have been misused since they arrived and even more so after being split from AJ Styles. The match between these two was decent, I guess, but I am just so sick of The New Day and how they are booked to win. I will say, that was one hell of a gash Kofi Kingston suffered after being thrown into the stairs.

I didn’t give two shits about the ending Highlight Reel or Enzo and Cass interrupting it. Same went for the match. It was a downer to end Raw this way.

I’ll end on a positive: Charlotte Flair. This woman is one of the best talkers and workers on both brands right now. I love how she quickly lashes out at the audience, can retort on the fly, and make herself look like a million bucks on the mic. She has come so far in the last year and has totally converted me into being a huge fan.

With that being said, Banks, who needs to be nasty and aggressive on the mic, isn’t cutting it as Charlotte is just too good on it. Banks flourished being the bad girl on NXT after Charlotte left and now as a baby-faced, the mean spirited and aggressive side of Banks just isn’t there. I am definitely pumped for their match for the belt next week.