WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Results and Thoughts


Source: wwe.com

WWE’s Clash of Champions had some ups and downs last night, but it was an entertaining show overall. Here are the winners along with my thoughts on each match!

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax

Just like I said in my prediction piece – Fox got some extra offense in, the match was longer than usual, and Jax decimated at the end. Nothing more, nothing less. Winner: Nia Jax

The New Day (Champs) vs. Gallows and Anderson

Gallows and Anderson started the match off aggressively. I even thought Gallows was finally going to break the stupid trombone!! Unfortunately, the back and forth action near the end allowed Woods to nail Gallows with the trombone in heelish fashion, knocking him out for Kingston to score the pin. I bet we see a rematch tonight on Raw due to the cheating and now that The New Day has hit 400 days being tag champs, I can see the belts changing hands tonight. Winners: The New Day

TJ Perkins (Champ) vs. Brian Kendrick – WWE Cruiserweight Championship

I loved Perkins and Kendrick’s entrances. Someone should tell WWE that Perkin’s theme music sounds a lot like one of the tunes in Mega Man 2 and Capcom may come calling!

This match was great as both men sold their moves and got in some fantastic offense and defense. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t as much high-flying action but it was great nonetheless. After Kendrick succumbed to Perkins’ kneebar submission move, and Perkins was beginning to be interviewed for the win, Kendrick came up to give a hug to congratulate him…and then suddenly delivered a headbutt, downing Perkins. It was the perfect was to start developing a story for tonight’s Raw. Winner: TJ Perkins

Cesaro vs. Sheamus – Final Best of 7 Series Match

Ok, I’ll eat my words here as I said I was finished watching these two wrestle. This match was the match of the night in my eyes. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen either men in finer form. The back and forth action kept you guessing at who would actually win.

The only downside of the match was the scary spot where Cesaro dove out of the ring at Sheamus and landed right on his head, snapping his neck. He seemed dazed for a bit (who wouldn’t?) but shook it off as the ref was checking if he was OK. I was just waiting for the ref to throw up his arms into the X position to signal a legitimate injury.

The match ended as both men fought so hard, they could barely stand after Cesaro took Sheamus over the barrier and onto the cement floor (almost landing on his head again). The ref called off the match stating that both men couldn’t continue. It’s a good way out of the match and I am definitely curious to see if they’ll just do another match on Raw tonight or something different. Either way, I applaud both men for the match. Winner: Ended in a No-Contest

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

This match was a tad hard to get into coming off of what was presented before it. I really didn’t have any attachment to this story line, so that made it even harder. Zayn did get to showcase some of his specialty moves that he saves for the big shows, so that was nice to see. I thought he looked a bit goofy, though as he went for the Helluva Kick three times in a row and couldn’t nail it, as Jericho was too fast.

In the end, Jericho nailed Zayn with the Codebreaker while Zayn was trying to pick him off the ground. It was a sudden and surprising win. I’m not sure where they’ll go with these two after as I thought Zayn winning would help put the spotlight back on him. Winner: Chris Jericho

Charlotte (Champ) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley –
WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match

This was my second favourite match of the night. I think the ladies did very well and kept the pace consistent until near the end when it sped up more. Some of the spots were really good, like the Bank’s knee to Bayey’s stomach that caused her to land on Charlotte.  I think the ladies were more careful here and took their time to build the match.

The more I watch Charlotte, the more I think that she’s the best women wrestler WWE has had since Lita and Trish Stratus retired. With that being said, I’m fine with the near falls on all women and with Bayley, again, being pinned by Charlotte to end the match. I think with Bayley getting pinned, it will set off a spark in her and we’ll see that develop on Raw. Winner: Charlotte

Rusev (Champ) vs. Roman Reigns – United States Championship Match

Seeing how there had been no title changes on this PPV so far, you KNEW it was coming during this match. I think Rusev put on a great performance, as did Reigns, but WWE HAVE to cut out this crap where one wrestler can always kick out/get out off someone’s main move. To have Reigns take a beating (like usual), kick out of everything (like usual), and then somehow actually get up while Rusev has his Accolade move locked in, is nothing but horrible, mind-boggling overbooking. If they wanted Reigns to win and keep pushing him down the fan’s throats, that’s one thing, but to do it at such an expense of Rusev’s submission move – to actually STAND UP while it’s locked on him – is complete horseshit. I feel bad for Rusev. The crowd didn’t seem too impressed after either. Winner: Roman Reigns.

Kevin Owens (Champ) vs. Seth Rollins – WWE Universal Championship Match

Just like some of the other matches on the card, the build-up for this match wasn’t good. Seth Rollins is not an established baby face, and a lot of the crowd is behind Kevin Owens. With that being said, the dynamics for this match wasn’t as good as it could have been. The crowd reflected this notion as well as they were pretty damn quiet throughout most of the match.

I thought the first half of the match was pretty slow. Half way through, things picked up and there were some good spots (like Owens missing Rollins and going through that poor Spanish announcer table). Once Jericho came out to interfere, I think things just got too messy. Owens doesn’t need to be booked this way and the crowd just wants to see a solid wrestling match.

The ref got bumped and Rollins couldn’t get the three count, although he had Owens down for about 8 before getting up and frustrated that the official wasn’t coherent. Stephanie shows up with another ref and Owens got the win minutes later with the Popup Powerbomb. Winner: Kevin Owens

Holy shit…Jericho interferes, the ref gets knocked out, Stephanie McMahon comes out with another ref – it all just took away from what should have been a solid match. I know people were disappointed that it was Jericho who was the person sticking his nose in the match and not Triple H, but I’m OK with that, except it still leaves a huge hole in the story and people want to know why Triple H did what he did and if Stephanie knew about it. Perhaps that’s all what will get us to the next PPV, Hell in a Cell, or to Survivor Series.  

Overall, the PPV was average in my mind. The ladies and the match between Cesaro and Sheamus really elevated it more for me. There was just TOO MUCH interference. Xavier Woods interfered in the tag match, Dana Brook kept interfering in the women’s match, the refs interfered and called off the Cesaro/Sheamus match, Lana interfered in the US Champ match, and Jericho and Steph both interfered in the Universal Championship match. There was Way, way, WAY too much of it. Where was Foley to fix all of this? I guess that’s why we continue to tune it (or at least PVR it to skip through the 3+ hour Raw marathons every week).