Quick Look: Star Wars – Rogue One K-2S0 Figure


Hey, everyone! Lucky me today! I went over to the Walmart that’s close to me just to pick up a few items and a tall boy to enjoy while watching WWE Raw tonight and look what the hell I found!

I’m in London, Ontario, Canada, so I know these aren’t supposed to be hitting the shelves until Friday (don’t worry – I’ll be going out to get my slew of toys for Rogue One and will be featuring them this weekend). I asked the guy in the toy aisle if there were any more and he had no idea what the difference was between this figure and the bunch of  The Force Awakens figures still on the shelf.

I went up and down the aisles looking if there were any more. There weren’t anywhere and no special display. I brought the figure up to the cashier with my other items and she asked if I found everything alright. I told her I wanted more of “these” and laughed pointing to K-2S0. She laughed and proceeded to try and ring it in, but it said “no sale” or something like that. She tried a few times and then asked how much it was and punched in some “toy” code and gave it to me for $9.99.  I thanked her and ran home to take these quick pics.

I’m just keeping him in the package for right now (as most of my figures in this scale are), but I may pick up an extra on Friday as he’s a really cool looking droid. Especially if I get one in the 6″ scale. Enjoy the quick pics and I’ll see you this weekend for pictures and vids of my Rogue One loot!

Get used to seeing this packaging stick around on toy shelves for the next next 10 months at least!



Here’s the back of the packaging.



Here’s a close up of the bio for K-2S0.


The figure has some cool paint details on it for a little guy. You can see around the shoulder area that there’s some wear and perhaps a bit of rusting. I wish the eyes had a bit more detailing, though.



I’d rather have some better articulation than these bonus weapons, but whatever. I hope it’s something this droid actually uses in the movie!