Mint In Box – Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren – SDCC 2016 Exclusive

Holy shit! This year’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) had so many freakin’ awesome exclusives. While that is awesome in theory, the reality is that people who want these exclusives have to pay big money on the aftermarket for them. Hasbro/Star Wars had THREE this year and this is one of them (and I was able to snag two of the three).

This first Star Wars SDCC exclusive is of Kylo Ren in his first ever unmasked look in The Black Series line. I thought that the regular Black Series Kylo Ren was well done, although they made a small change in detail later on in the run: the hood became smaller and there were more details on the plastic part of the cape. It seems this figure is the same one as the second run, minus the new head.

Before I get to the figure, the packaging for this thing is f’n beautiful.  While some can debate how whiny vs. bad ass Ren was in The Force Awakens (and where his character will go), I still dig him. The package shows Kylo Ren in one of the final battle scenes in the movie.


The back of the package shows half the face of Kylo Ren on the left with a short bio on the right.  Although there seems to be a lot of wasted space, I think the accent on Ren’s face is appropriate.

You open the box up up by pulling on the flap held securely by Velcro.  To the left on the inside is a picture of the melted helmet of Darth Vader. Vader’s helmet will always be iconic, and to have it in the new movie and a focal piece for Kylo Ren really hits home to me.  To have this as a part of this set was a huge selling feature for me and I’m glad they gave it attention in the packaging.


To the right, and you have a closer look below, is what’s included in the set. You can see we get the new unmasked Kylo Ren figure, a lightsaber hilt, a lit lightsaber, a swap-able mask head (if  you want to pose him that way), the melted Darth Vader helmet, and the First-Order flag with a stand. That’s a lot more than you get from a standard Black Series figure at retail.


Down below are some pictures of Kylo Ren. I think the face sculpt of actor, Adam Driver, is pretty well done for this scale. I know some will nit-pick, but for a figure of this size, there’s no way people will mistake him for anyone else than Kylo Ren if you just showed them the head without the costume.

Like I said before, as far as I can tell, there’s not much difference in the rest of the figure than the retail one. Perhaps there’s some more colour on the belt buckle. If there’s anything else, let me know in the comment section.

Vader’s melted helmet is probably the main reason I spent the money on this set. It’s the thing that I think made me shit my pants when it appeared in the trailer and the nostalgia/connection with the original trilogy was enough for me to think it was such a super awesome idea. As well, there’s a masked Kylo Ren head to swap if you don’t want to display him unmasked. But why would you? Having him unmasked is the main reason to have this set.

Down below are the other accessories the set comes with: his lightsaber and the New Order flag that is attached to the stand. For those taking this set out of the box, it’ll make a great piece to have him stand against.

I’ve said it in some other pieces (and in the video below), my limited space in my house, combined with my non-stop collecting equals keeping most items in the box. I want to share my collection, so that’s why I make the Mint In Box/Package features.  Plus, some of these exclusives are so f’n expensive that, to me, it’s a good idea to keep them in the packages; especially when the packaging is awesome.

Of course, with having to resort to Ebay for this set, it makes me question if it was worth the money when I have it in my hand. The truth is, I think it was. I know that there’s an unmasked Kylo Ren hitting the shelves as part of the new Rogue One Black Series assortment, and I could have waited for that. Unfortunately, I love that melted Vader mask so much, I couldn’t turn this set down for it. Plus the packaging is great and allows you to see every piece very well. I guess it’s a hit!