Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Orko (and Adam) SDCC 2010 Exclusive

In July, 2010, we had the divisive Count Marzo arrive on our doorsteps. Also in July every year is San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Usually the big toy companies release some fantastic stuff that will draw people into the convention and for MOTUC, we were lucky that, in most years, we’d have the chance to get the SDCC exclusive figure(s) in some manner later on at This figure is one of two Masters of the Universe releases for SDCC that were available (and I’ll be getting to the other one in my next Rewind feature).

Orko was an interesting and somewhat controversial choice as a SDCC release and a figure that wouldn’t be a part of the subscription. I think most people would want Orko to be in their collection even if he was just comedic relief in the classic Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon, although sometimes he was the focus of a good moral at the end of an episode.

Orko was put on sale during the first week of August, 2010 and lasted about an hour before he sold out.  The figure that was available on Matty’s site was a bit different than the one sold at the convention – but I’ll get to the convention-only version of this figure in a bit.

Orko came in the same style packaging as the other MOTUC figures. The difference was this was an oversized package compared to the rest of the figures. It’s a couple of inches taller and wider. It’s wider for a reason, but I think the reason it is taller is so it kept the proportions aesthetically pleasing.

I really like the bio for Orko as it really gives some insight and history behind the Trollians and the Power Sword. It’s also really interesting to read that Orko’s magic changing from powerful and effective into humourous and entertaining is all a part of keeping him under cover so he could watch over Adam.

Did I mention Adam? Prince Adam? THE alter-ego of He-Man?? Well, lookee here! Inside the box at the bottom, and indicated on the side of the package, we see Orko also comes with a regular sized Prince Adam figure. I cannot remember if I ever read as to WHY Adam was a figure that was packaged like a hidden accessory and not packaged on his own card. I’m not sure why they couldn’t package Prince Adam as the main figure with Orko as the bonus figure/accessory.

One thing that is great about this Orko figure is that he came in the proper scale with the rest of the figures. The Orko figure in the vintage line was a lot taller and thinner than he should have been. This figured nailed the proportions perfectly.

This little guy also has a lot of articulation for his size! His shoulders, elbows, writs and head all move. The head is on a ball joint and can easily be swapped out with all the other figures with removable heads in the line. As I’m writing this, after taking and placing the pictures, I should have actually had Adam (or another figure) swap heads with Orko just for laughs.

I think the head and the overall sculpt (especially the back of the hat). I think he captures the look of the Filmation character that we all remember fondly very well, but it’s still not just a mirror image of the cartoon character. He’s got a less comedic look to him and I think it’s due to the eye sculpt/paint.

Speaking of paint, you can see that there’s some red slop on his ears that bugs me just a bit, but I can live with it.


Besides the full Prince Adam figure as an “accessory,” Orko comes with a wand, a spell book, and a flight stand that fits in the the bottom of the figure to give Orko a hovering effect. The top of the stand has a ball joint so you can tilt Orko to get him in that hovering pose that works best for you.


I took a few pic below to try and give the hovering look, although for two of them, the colour of his outfit and ears got messed up and I’m too amateurish to figure out of to fix them. The third one with the box is a lot better! HA! Thank goodness I have a photo-box and better lights coming!

The Prince Adam figure is similar to the He-Man figure that arrived early in the line but he’s painted differently and features an additional piece over-top his torso: his vest. The head is a tad different, too, as you’ll see below.

Many people wondered why Adam didn’t come with a sword holder on the the back of his vest. I think The Four Horsemen did plan on one but it got scrapped for some reason. The back of the vest looks like it should have been covered up with something like that.

Slightly different paint on the hair and face and a slightly higher positioning of the hair does create the illusion of a different head packaged with Adam.


Prince Adam’s accessories include a smirking head and two halves of the Power Sword in a different colour than the original that can be put together to form a full one. I think the smirking face was included with Prince Adam was a way for Matty to release something more with a cartoon look without getting some kind of lawsuit thrown at them.

In 2010,  Mattel didn’t have the rights to make or release figures based on the Filmation cartoon, so I think I answered my own question from earlier. Then again, the vintage line did have a Prince Adam figure so maybe I didn’t answer the question. HA!


Below are some poses of Adam with his Sword and smirking for some reason.

Below are some best buddies just hanging out.

I mentioned previously that the SDCC version was a bit different than what was released on Matty’s site. While Orko still came with Adam and all the same accessories, the difference was the SDCC was made of a different style plastic that, when submerged in warm water, would change colour and appear translucent.

The picture below is a close up of the one figure I have mint in the package still. I grabbed one off of Ebay a few months after they were available but I never went looking for a second one to open.


Below is a picture of Orko after being submerged in water. The picture comes courtesy from Michael Crawford’s Toy Review site. Check it out if you never have!


Photo source:

I was really happy with this set and still am today. I love the Orko figure and the Prince Adam was a great extra to boot! Having something just a little different to offer SDCC attendees while allowing collectors to pick up the regular figure a few weeks later was a good move. I’m still unsure why they chose two figures that the majority of collectors would want in their collection as an out of the Sub figure, but that’s the collecting world for you, right?