Quick Look: Kylo Ren – Elite Series


When The Force Awakens came out, I decided for the first time in years to collect a 3 3/4″ Star Wars line.  I made sure I grabbed two Kylo Ren figures in that line so I had one to open and one to keep mint with the rest of my figures.

I’ve also been collecting The Black Series 6″ figures since the line started and have a complete MIB collection (minus a couple of exclusives).  I also made sure I grabbed two Kylo Ren figures from that set so I also had one to open and one to keep MIB. I mean, he was the new villain and I hoped he wouldn’t be another Darth Maul.

I also collect Sideshow/Hot Toys figures (as some of you reading my page have seen) and just finally snagged a Kylo Ren by Hot Toys (a review should be up in the next week or two due to my work and family schedule – there’s only so much  I can do).

So when I saw that these “Elite Series” figures were released in the US, I was thankful they were only available at the Disney Store, as I wasn’t going online to start another line of figures. Low and behold, a Disney store arrived here in my city in Ontario, Canada, and my wife was in there with our little girl before I could even visit it. She came home with day-time and nighttime outfits for our little cutey and she also surprised me with this Kylo Ren figure. What an awesome wife, huh? It was an early wedding anniversary gift. Love yah, baby!

The packaging for this figure is great! The huge plastic window lets you see the figure clearly, while the sides of the package let in enough light to allow this figure to look spectacular in the box if you plan on keeping it in the package to display (like me).

This figure (and the others in the Elite Series) are in the 6″ scale, so they are in the same scale (or close to) the ones in The Black Series. Ren looks like he’s about 7-7 1/2″ in height.

The main selling point of this series is that these figures are die-cast, which means they are made out of metal instead of just all plastic, like most figures. I was really surprised how heavy this figure was when I picked it up. I read about how heavy these die-cast figures where, but until you actually hold it, you may not actually believe it.

The figure’s sculpt is actually good considering it’s a different kind of figure that I’m used to. I’ve never bought or held a die-cast action figure before, so I figured with the material they were working with, perhaps the details may not be as good. Well, I suppose that once they have to sculpts and make the molds for the figures, if the molds are detailed then the die-cast metal figure should turn out detailed, right?

The painting on the mask is well done. The black and silver paint (and under the hood) do contrast the rest of the light black all over the figure. The paint on the belt is a great touch as well. I’m just not sure if I’m a big fan of the scratchy looking paint or details on the outfit.



Ren’s lightsaber looks really cool for this figure. The crappy thing about keeping these in the box is not knowing if it’s also die-cast. The blades do look plastic to me, but I wouldn’t understand why they would put a plastic weapon with a die-cast figure. If you know, please let me know in the comment section.

You can see behind the figure that it does include a base. I think more figures of all scales should include stands/bases instead of useless accessories or irrelevant weapons (like most of the 3 3/4″ figures currently do).


Below is a picture of the pose his left hand is in. I think it suits the figure well. It looks like the figure has articulation in the shoulders, elbows, and swiveling in the writs. I should actually check out a video of this figure to see if the head or legs move at all.


While I’d love to get into this figure out of the box, I’m not sure if I’m going to spend the money on another one with so many other Kylo Ren figures I have in other series out of the package. I may actually pick up the Stormtrooper and Flame Trooper from this series as this figure looks really good. I’ll decide when I go for a trip to the Disney Store with my little girl this Saturday for the first time.  If I score one to open down the road, I’ll do another article and link this initial look. Thanks for taking a quick look at this figure with me!