WWE Raw and Smackdown Thoughts


Source: wwe.com

I’m combining the two shows this week as once again because besides the beginning of Raw and the main event, there wasn’t too much for me to get excited about. Smackdown was a way better overall show, though!


The three way match to be the number one contender for the WWE Women’s Championship (between Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Dana Brooke) was pretty good. I think it was the right move to have Bayley pinned by Sasha Banks as it shows that Bayley isn’t just rising to the top immediately and it also means we’re getting our Summerslam rematch in less than two weeks.

Nia Jax dominating Alicia Fox and spearing her through the barricade was intense! Jax needed to decimate a Superstar that’s actually on the roster, even if it’s someone as irrelevant now as Fox

The New Day came out to call out how awful last week’s segment with Gallows and Anderson was (and holy shit, was it ever). What they didn’t mention is how they rarely defend their belts and how they’ve also wasted plenty of our TV time with their shit. Anyway, it looks like they’re finally getting rid of the comedy with The Club and making them seem relevant and a threat by having them beat The New Day this week (something I’ve been writing about and begging for weeks).

I don’t understand why they had a non-title match on this program and are now expecting us to sit through yet ANOTHER match between these teams in two weeks. I hope The Club wins, elevate their threat and dominance level, and The New Day do something else or go away for a while.

The main event really entertaining. Both Kevin Owens and Reigns worked well together and I was really impressed with how good it actually was. Rollins interfering, causing Owens to win by DQ was somewhat predictable but what wasn’t as predictable was Foley coming out to restart the match, after telling Rollins to head backstage so they could have a “talk.”

With the match restarted, it was the perfect time for a maniacal, anger-fueled Rusev to attack Reigns with fury and cost him the match. Excellent way to end the show, but it was a long, sludgy stretch to get there.


  • I don’t care about Bo Dallas as WWE has damaged him so badly
  • I don’t care about Jack Swagger as WWE has damaged him so badly
  • I don’t care about the Shining Stars as their shtick is boring
  • I wonder what kind of “talk” a pissed off Foley had with Rollins after the interference
  • Cesaro is now down by one match (3-2) with his best of 7 with Sheamus. I can’t wait for it to be over.

Smackdown Live

I liked Smackdown more than Raw again this week. I wasn’t expecting to see John Cena come out and interrupt AJ Styles, but it made for good TV and tension between the two were high. It was even better when Dean Ambrose came out to interrupt Cena because if you thought the tension between Styles and Cena was good, Ambrose and Cena was even better.

I’m surprised how quickly the crowed turned on Ambrose for getting in Cena’s face, calling him a part timer and claiming that Cena just couldn’t keep up anymore. From there, Shane McMahon came out announced a triple threat match in just under a month at the next Smackdown PPV for the WWE title between all three men.

The number one contenders women’s match, featuring the five women who were part of the 6 Pack Challenge at Backlash, was another fine outing by all women. While it was shorter than the PPV match, the ladies still had some time to show some impressive moves. The ladies trying to hurt each other to get the pin at the close of the match was a sight to see, resulting in Alexa Bliss actually getting the win to become the number one contender for Becky Lynch’s title. I’m OK with this as it brings something fresh to the table for the people who never watched NXT.  I can’t wait to see this feud develop, and the same goes for the Carmella and Nikki Bella feud.

Dolph Ziggler confronting The Miz and asking for another title match was interesting as I wasn’t sure if Ziggler would still be in the picture, although they did leave that door open after the cheating by The Miz to retain at Backlash. Daniel Bryan came down to announce the rematch would happen (YES! in my books seeing how good their last match a few days ago was), but The Miz said he wouldn’t do it until his contract was renegotiated and abruptly left the ring, leaving Daniel Bryan and Ziggler looking confused and outsmarted.

The angle with The Miz really confused me as he ended up being AJ Styles partner later on in the night against John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Couldn’t Daniel Bryan come down and say that The Miz wasn’t wrestling until his contract was renegotiated or if he didn’t wrestle, he’d be stripped of the title? Better yet, couldn’t Daniel Bryan say that he’d wait for his contract to run out and he could find another place to wrestle? It’s like The Miz is  running the show! I guess putting him over as a major heel is more important, and that leads me to…

If The Miz is the IC Champ and the heel you want heat behind, why the hell was he the one pinned by Cena for Cena and Ambrose to win the match? Couldn’t they have picked ANYONE else to be Styles’ partner instead? I don’t think The Miz shouldn’t have to have been scarified, although it IS a rub that he was in the main event with the other three.

Cena and Ambrose were in the ring at the end of the show after their win when Ambrose suddenly hit Dirty Deeds on Cena to garner boos from the crowd. I liked it and I think I can see where they’re going with this – but I’ll wait another week or so to put my predictions in writing.

To end, other stuff was great on Smackdown and I was entertained throughout most of the night. I liked seeing Slater sign his contract, the crowd cheering Rhyno, and seeing a new look from the newest Smackdown roster addition: Jack Swagger. Let’s hope they build him back up as that guy is talented but WWE Creative have dragged him down so bad over the last few years.