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Blah, blah, blah intro… I’m here to share more music I’ve picked up over the past few months or the year. For those who would rather watch than read, there’s a video from my YouTube page at the end. Let’s get to it!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway  (Warner Brothers, 2016)

I’ll state this to get it out of the way immediately: while I love me some metal and consider myself a metal-head through and through, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, will be in my top 10 albums until I die. I don’t give a fuck if Anthony Kedis can’t sing worth shit to some (and I know he’s not a stellar vocalist), but that album, front to back, delivers. No amount of arguing with me will make me ever change my mind just like me saying that one of your favourite albums shouldn’t be in your list (cough, cough, Teri and Metallica’s Load).

Now that I’m done ranting, this album is one hell of a disappointment. I’m With You, their last album was pretty damn good considering they lost John Frusciante again (which fucking sucks). The weird thing is that the band launched a whole series of 7″ singles after the I’m With You album featuring new music and then released it as I’m Beside You on vinyl for Record Store Day (with no CD version currently available), with the majority of that album being better than what came before and after it.

There are song decent songs on here, but some questionable melodies and song structures just don’t do it for me. Hey…I’m a RCHP fan but this album just didn’t cut it for me.

Rival Sons – Hollow Bones  (Earache, 2016)

Earache isn’t banking on metal or grindcore to fuel their pockets anymore (except when they keep re-releasing classic albums on vinyl), so promoting a band like Rival Sons is exactly what a label needs.

I never listened to them when they first came out on the label as I just didn’t pay attention to what Earache as doing anymore. What a stupid idea that was as this band has done nothing but release some of the best modern rock music currently (with ties to the 70s, of course).

While there are great songs on here, their back catalogue is the band’s worst enemy as this album does not hold up as well to what they’ve done previously as a whole. Not only that but this album is like 37 minutes!! C’mon! You have had a few years between releases and although sometimes less is more, on this album, that isn’t the case. If I’m buying this on vinly and CD (which I did), give me a lot of music!! There are tunes on here that I could add to a Rival Sons’ “best of” compilation but I’m let down.

Devildriver – Trust No One   (Napalm Records, 2016)

Here’s the deluxe edition of Devildriver’s newest release (as they always do). I just don’t fucking get it. Why release a special edition with bonus tracks and have the label release a regular edition for $2 less. I understand the market in Japan getting an extra track as they pay a shitload of money for physical media, but in North America?

Anyway, knowing that the band, and others, do this, it took me a while longer to get this version in. On the plus side is that if you like Devildriver, you’ll probably like this! If you don’t, you won’t like this. As a critic, will you know that there were member changes on this release unless you read it? Probably not.

Look: the band is consistent and releases some good tunes, but I haven’t been blown away by a release of theirs. I’ll continue to support the band but I just hope they do something new in the future.

Revocation – Great Is Our Sin  (Metal Blade, 2016)

Fuck yeah! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! This album kicks ass and Revocation is clearly one of the best metal bands in the world today. Song writing, riffs, vocal delivery, production, drumming, and a cover (Slayer’s “Alter of Sacrifice” after covering Metallica’s “Dyer’s Eve” on their last album, Deathless) are top notch. There’s no more writing I can do to persuade you to listen or grab this album then being blunt at the beginning. Buy it…NOW!

Nonpoint – The Poison Red  (Spinefarm Records, 2016)

Here’s a band that I could write the exact same thing I did about Devildriver. There are some decent songs here, but nothing to me that really has made me stand up and yell, “fuck yeah! Buy this!”, like Revocation. Still, if you haven’t heard this band, listen to Statement. I love em and will continue to support them but I just don’t know why the last few albums haven’t resonated with me.

Gojira – Magma  (Roadrunner, 2016)

I already talked about this in my last Treats of the Week, so I’m just showing off the CD version.

Death Angel – The Evil Divide   (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

I got the CD/DVD version of this with a making-of feature. Once again, I hate when bands release different versions of an album. It would probably save the band and label money if they just did one album version as I don’t know why you’d do a jewel case version and then a digpak with a bonus track w/a DVD for only a buck or two more.

Anyway, as someone who wants more bang for the buck when you’re buying a physical copy, I got this a few months out of its official release. The good news is that this album kicks ass and is up to the same level of goodness their last albums have set in stone. The bad news is, just like Devildriver and Nonpoint above, there is no new ground and there’s not much here that would make me say, “holy shit…listen to what Death Angel did on this album!” Who am I to criticize? It’s good and better than Devildriver and Nonpoint – so buy it if you’ve liked any of their releases and haven’t gotten this yet.

Anthrax – For All Kings  (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

I’ll admit: this album should have been listed near the top of this blog/article. I’m just trying to be consistant with how I pulled stuff off the pile doing my video.

I’ll also admit another few things: 1) I love Anthrax with Belladonna, I’m glad he’s back, and this and their last album were great. 2) Persistence of Time will always be my favourite album with Belladonna and 3) Sound of White Noise with their other vocalist, John Bush of Armored Saint fame, will always be my favourite Anthrax album, although I’ve listened to this band since Among the Living.

With all those confessions, this album kicks ass. Buy it! I thought their last album was f’n awesome, but this takes it to the next level for them. Here’s a suggestion, though: with all their bonus materials, DVDs, Blu Rays, concert stream: play some new material off your albums. Not just one or two songs – play 5-6 and add the odd fan favourite!! I won’t even ask for Bush material as Belladonna can’t do it. Let’s just hear new tunes instead of the half of Among the Living.

Grand Magus – Song Swords  (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

Here’s another release where the UK version had more songs than the North American one so it’s more of a pain in the ass to get. It was worth it, not just because the extra songs were worth it, but because Grand Magus just seems to get better and better with every release. They kind of remind me of Judas Priest here and there, but they still have their own identity.

The songs are crafted so well and the production lets all the instruments and vocal shine. This will probably be the first album from this band that I’ll grab on vinyl to hear the difference because I like it so much. Don’t be surprised to see this on my top 20 list for the year.

Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction Live  (UME, 2013)

I grabbed this as I didn’t have it for my Megadeth collection. I love Countdown to Extinction but for some reason, I just never grabbed this release, nor the DVD copy. I’ll only say that the majority of the extra songs make sense but the bass is turned up way too loud in the mix. This release is for completists like me only.

The Monkees – Good Times!  (Rhyno Records, 2016)

I think I’m starting to get a kick from ending these articles/videos with something that’s so left field from what I was showcasing beforehand. I love The Monkees and have since I was a little kid, working my parents’ record player. When Nickelodeon was airing the re-runs of their show in the 80s, that’s how I really got hooked.

This album features the three surviving members playing new songs they’ve written, songs others have written for them (like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer), and stuff they’ve had in the vault for a while. Suffice to say, this album is a great listen and I love every song on here. It’s just a great feel-good album and it will remind me of the summer of 2016. Don’t be surprised with so many excellent metal albums that have been released so far this year (with more probably coming), that this album gets a place in my top 20.