Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Keldor

In April, 2010, not only did we get She-Ra, the Princess of Power, we got another quarterly figure who appeared and lasted about 25 minutes before selling out! He was as a special figure that fans were clamoring for: Keldor! Who’s Keldor you ask? Let’s get to the bio!

First off, Keldor comes in the same MOTU packing (of course). In the bio, I mean, you can just read it yourself! He’s Randor’s half brother who thought like he was never accepted and went rogue, discovering Hordak and learning his magic with plans to take over the throne from his brother. He didn’t realize he was just being a pawn for Hordak, who was trying to find someone to free him. Unfortunately, he almost died, was merged with Demo-Man (who we would get a figure of eventually) and became Skeletor. Yeah, THAT Skeletor.

As I get into the pictures for this article, I have to apologize, as I have no idea why the backgrounds, skin colour and brightness varied so much – even when trying to touch them up. I just want to remind everyone that I have no training in photography or photo editing and this site and what I do is out of the love for my hobby and what I want to share – so please be gentle – HA!

Anyway, back to Keldor – he’s on the same male buck and he has a different shade of blue than Skeletor had (and you’ll see that accented in a picture near the end of the piece). The articulation is the same as the other figures, except his hair and cape hinder the neck movement. The joints my figure were tight and I have no issue posing him.

One of my favourite aspects of this figure is the face sculpt. Yes, this figure is based off of the 200X MYP Masters of the Universe cartoon, so he does have a little bit of that anime flare, but not as bad as a figure I’ll be looking at soon. To me, he still seemed to fit in naturally with the figures we had thus far in the line. The expression Keldor has just gives you the feeling that he’s not to be trusted and up to something. I think The Four Horsemen captured the essence of a double crossing/up to no good character totally with this facial sculpt.


Keldor’s armour is similar to when he transformed into Skeletor, but it’s not exactly the same. Once again, you’ll see near the end of this article in a picture I took. The one thing that’s a bonus is there is a spot to put his sword. I have to be totally honest here: until I was taking these pictures, for some reason I didn’t realize there WAS a place for his sword – or I just totally forgot!

Keldor comes with a full Power Sword and a half of the Power Sword in purple and black. He also comes with the vial containing the acid that hit his face that began to melt it. I think the vial was essential.


Once again, sorry about the background with these pics, but you can have Keldor look cool reaching for his sword or debating whether or not he should be carrying his vial of acid.

Although there’s only one sword that’s full and one that’s a half piece of the Power Sword, Keldor looks damn good dual wielding swords.

I’m jumping the gun here a bit, but fans were clamoring for a 200X style Power Sword from the anime-influenced cartoon. People hit the message boards bitching about it. Eventually Toy Guru, Scott Neitlich, made it happen for the fans and it was included in a future weapons pack I’ll take a look at down the road. For the hell of it, I decided to take a picture of him with it.


You can see below the similarities and differences between the first Skeletor that was released in the MOTUC line and Keldor. There’s more vibrant deco (silver paint) on the bones in the middle of his harness and it’s painted a different shade as well. Keldor features boots and gauntlets where Skeletor has his unpainted (???) forearm thingy and his three toed feet.


I was very happy with how Keldor turned out and I anxious to have him in my collection when he was announced. The main reason being is that, although a fan of He-Man, at the time these figures were out, I just didn’t have the cash flow and the only thing during that time I spent my extra money on was music and The Simpsons line by Playmates. Keldor in that 200X toy line was a SDCC exclusive to boot, so it was even hard for me to a) get a hold of it and b) justify spending the money on it. I think these are also reasons that fans were so happy to get him.