WWE Backlash 2016 Results and Thoughts


Source: wwe.com

I’ll start off saying that I thought the PPV was pretty damn good. I could have been happier with the show not starting off with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring telling us what we already knew. Once the show started, it was entertaining from start to finish which is more than I can say for Summerslam!

Women Six Pack Elimination Challenge for the
WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

The Six Pack Elimination match was a great way to start the show. I thought all the women had enough time to shine and the match didn’t seem rushed at all. I must give props to some of the women really showing what they had – like Naomi doing the springboard jump off the top rope onto all the women outside of the ring.

What I didn’t get, though, was how some of the women were throwing their opponents out of the ring when they were injured instead of just going for pins. Yeah, I know it was to set up spots or to have two women in the ring for people to focus on, but every time one of them did it, I just said to myself, “go for a pin! Don’t throw them out!”

I only saw one move/spot that was kinda botched and thankfully the crowd didn’t jump down the ladies’ throats. What I’m referring to was the spot where Naomi was close to the ropes and she tried to head scissor Natalya over the ropes. Well, the first time she didn’t get her legs around Nattie’s neck and Nattie just kinda stood there and waited for her to do it again. Once Naomi was successful with that, you could see it was hard for her to pull her over the ropes. Oh well, that’s minor and I’d never be able to do any of that stuff!

The build up to the end was built up well: Nattie pinned Naomi (Bliss was already out courtesy of Naomi), Nattie got pinned quickly by Nikki Bella which helped Carmella go in for a quick roll up on Nikki, eliminating her! With only Carmella and Becky Lynch left, I couldn’t see Carmella winning, although she did get in some decent offense (excluding the slapping). In the end, Becky got the pin and became the 1st ever WWE Smackdown Women’s champion. Good for her! What a great feel-good moment to start the night and I’m glad I was wrong with my predictions. It’s great to see new talent get the rub! Winner: Becky Lynch

The Hype Bros vs. The Usos –
Winner Moves to WWE Tag Championship Finals

I thought this match was pretty good, too! I wasn’t expecting much but it was a nice warm up for The Usos (who looked cool in their new attire and are playing the role of heels VERY well – now they have to change their music). The Hype Bros did well, too, although Rawlins REALLY needs to tone it down just a bit. Some of his offense was pretty good but you can really tell that Ryder is the one carrying the team so it’s too bad that he was the one pinned as he deserves so much more. Winners: The Usos

The Miz (Champ) vs. Dolph Ziggler – Intercontinental Championship Match

Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting the match to be this good. These two put on a match that put many of the matches at Summerslam to shame. The Miz just keeps getting better and better while Ziggler continues to shine. To close the match, Maryse sprayed the eyes of Ziggler with perfume and it allowed The Miz to get the heel-type win on Ziggler. I can see a rematch down the road, perhaps with some sort of stipulation. It’ll be neat to see how they play of The Miz’s cheating ways on Smackdown and to see if Ziggler will still be in the picture. I’ll be watching this match a few more times for sure! Winner: The Miz

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Unfortunately, due to Randy Orton’s concussion, they had to scrap the match. This was leaked before the PPV, but even during the Pre-Show, the panel and WWE were still hyping the match happening. They got out of it by showing Wyatt injuring Orton’s leg before a ref noticed and yelled at Wyatt to leave.

They announced the match was off and Wyatt demanded the ref to count so he would win by forfeit. Before he could leave the ring, though, Wyatt was informed that he would be facing someone – and in a No Holds Barred match at that. Cue the pyro for Kane to emerge.

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt – No Holds Barred Match

Some of the action in the match was quite good and I think this is one of the better matches Kane has been in in years. There were spots with chairs, announcer tables breaking, barricades being smashed, and more! Both men worked well together and I have to commend them for something that was probably put together at the last minute. I have no idea who decided the match to be No Holds Barred or why (as it was never explained), but it left the door open for Orton to come to the ring, hit an RKO on Wyatt, and make the crowd happy after Kane pinned Wyatt for the win. Winner: Kane

The Usos vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno
for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

While entertaining, this was probably the weakest match on the card. The Usos seemed to dominate for most of it, with Slater taking the brunt of the punishment – probably to get the crowd behind Slater more. Rhyno got the hot tag and the teams tangoed until Rhyno got the gore on Jimmy Uso and Slater pinned him for the win.

Here was another feel-good moment for the show, but I’m kinda sad to see the journey of Slater trying to get a contract on Raw or Smackdown come to an end. It really elevated interest in his character. I just hope down the line when these two lose the titles, Slater just doesn’t disappear to obscurity-land again.  Winners: Heath Slater and Rhyno

Dean Ambrose (Champ) vs. AJ Styles – WWE Championship Match

Holy f’n shit! This match was great! Knock up two in a row for AJ Styles after his match with Cena at Summerslam. This was also the best match I think I’ve seen Dean Ambrose in. These two put on what a main event should be and I’m going to go into every move on here as this is one that you need to watch.

I think the match went at the perfect pace with the two building the match well. I think the selling, for the most part was pretty good, too, except one spot where Styles hit Ambrose with the Pele kick and Ambrose hit a move almost immediately after, getting up and no-selling the damage from the kick.

In the end, after a couple of near falls for both men, Styles knocked Ambrose into the ref and when the ref was trying to come back to his senses, Styles kicked Ambrose in the nuts, put him into the Styles clash and covered him to become the new WWE World Champion.  I’ll be watching this match at least a few more times during the week (or at least next weekend).  Winner: AJ Styles

I think having Styles walk out as champ was the best decision because in my mind, there is no one better than Styles in WWE right now. What he lacks sometimes on the mic is more than made up for in the ring. He’s made everyone look good this year. From his journey in January, showing up in the Royal Rumble all the way to now, he’s had a cough, phenomenal (with my only question mark being losing at WrestleMania). Much applause for Styles!

Once again I’ll state that I was highly entertained and impressed with this PPV. The Smackdown brand/roster and WWE Creative really knocked it out of the park and delivered one of my favourite PPVs of the entire year.

I’m excited for Smackdown on Tuesday as I’m curious to see how and if they extend the Ambrose/Styles program (I assume they will with Styles winning in such a heel fashion). As well, I want to see who Becky Lynch will feud with, who The Miz will face, what will happen with Dolph Zigger, and who is going to gun for the new WWE Smackdown Tag Champs first. Lots of good stuff! BRAVO!