Quick Look – Animal (The Muppets) from Diamond Select Toys

Ask anyone who knows me what my top three entertainment properties of all time are and they should be able to name Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and The Muppets. I could go into one of my classic diatribes about what The Muppets mean to me and maybe I will down the road, but I’m doing this quick look at something I recently picked up: Animal from Diamond Select Toys.

I don’t know why, but I always loved Animal. It’s actually hard for me to even pick a favourite Muppet, but from a toy collecting perspective, when I saw all series one and two of this new line from Diamond Select Toys and I could only pick one, I chose Animal.  I think the main reason I dig him so much is that he’s a drummer and I am as well.

One of my holy grails of toy collecting is the Electric Mayhem Stage/Drum Set from the Palisades Muppet line.  Actually, there are so many figures and play sets from that line I’d love to have! Man, that line was so amazing, but during the time the line was out, I was putting my money into school, student loans, food/beer, music and the only line I was making an effort in trying to collect was The Simpsons line from Playmates. I never saw the set in a store and I just didn’t have the money to try and grab stuff from Ebay. I don’t even know if I was on Paypal at the time.

Suffice to say, a new Animal figure with a drum set was an instant purchase. I saw it was coming to stores eventually, so one day when my buddy wanted to head downtown to our local comic/toy store, Heroes, this is one of the things I sought and I found two of them. I almost bought both – one to open and one to keep because I just love keeping stuff in the package (as I’ve said many times before in my Mint in Box/Package features, it’s easier for me to display), but I bought my wife another Walking Dead anthology she didn’t have (aww, aren’t I nice?) and a few other figures I have yet to feature.

This toy, while not in the same scale as the old Palisades line (they’re smaller) come in HUGE packaging. There’s so much unused space in this package (and others in the line) that you can easily spot them on the shelf. Maybe that was intentional, but to find a place to hang and feature this on one of my walls compared to what’s in this package, is going to be tough. I will say, though, that the packaging DOES pop and you can clearly see all the stuff you’re getting. I paid $28 (plus tax) Canadian for this, so that’s not too bad at all compared to other lines (especially what I pay for my MOTUC figures every month with the horrendous shipping prices and times).

The back of the package features the other two sets in series two. I saw them at the toy/comic store and I did want to get them, but sometimes picking up one more set means that I would have walked out with ALL series one and two, and I don’t want to start another line, although the work that goes into these figures really, really makes me want to (sorry, Diamond Select – it’d review and have them all – I just don’t have the $$$).

The sculpt on Animal looks fantastic. He’s got the furry textures on his head and an expression that captures his random but maniacal outbursts. His jaw is articulated, so if you take yours out of the package, you can pose him how you want.

The paint is glossy and really shines. The different shades of red throughout Animal really make him not seem so bland. From what I can see in the package, the paint seems to be applied neatly.

You can see the mouth, neck, shoulders, writs, waist, knees and ankles are all articulated. I would hope so because you want him to be able to sit behind the kit! He’s holding his drum sticks in his hand as well.


As you look around the package, you can see the various piece of the drum set. In the picture below to the left, you can see the bass drum featuring the Electric Mayhem logo (aka the mouth of band leader, Dr. Teeth). You can also see the drum pedal below the bass drum, which is a really cool and detailed piece.  In the picture to the right, you have Animal’s snare drum, a tom and a drum seat. I like the the two colour shading on the drums.

In the picture to the left below, you can see two cymbals with stands as well as a high-hat. To the right, there’s a floor tom. I’ve read and seen reviews of this set out of the box and people have noted that these pieces are sometimes warped and curved, so they don’t stand up that well on their own. The floor tom needs to be rested on the bass drum, which boggles my mind as a drummer. I don’t know why they couldn’t add three legs to it to just make it stand straight.

I think this figure and drum set are definitely worth the money, especially for fans of The Muppets, Animal, and drumming. Perhaps down the road I’ll grab one I can take out and display. If so, I’ll extend this article (or at least link to it). I applaud Diamond Select Toys for picking up the license and making the figures have a lot of accessories or extra figures to go along with the main figure they’re selling. I hope to snag a few more down the line (maybe some company/store would like to send me them to review – ha!)