Club Grayskull – Evil Seed

Evil Seed filmation

Souce: Filmation Cartoon

Evil Seed appeared in one episode in Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon in the 80s. Funny thing is that while some other villains got representation earlier than this guy over the years, he is one of the the villains I remember the most.

Yeah, Evil Seed got representation as a character two years ago but it was his 200X look from the MYP cartoon that had a more anime style. While that character looked great (and I’ll get to him eventually as I plow through the line chronologically), I did include a comparisson near the end of this article. As well, I always dug this version of Evil Seed so grabbing him was a no-brainer for me. The best thing was he was the subscription bonus figure for the Club Grayskull line – very crafty on Mattel’s part. I would have subscribed anyway but this was like dangling the carrot in front of the horse’s mouth.

The figure comes in the same packaging as the other Club Graykull figures (minus the improved open windows on the pillars like Beast Man). As you can tell, it’s pretty dark in the packaging and to see him really well, with or without using a camera, is pretty hard.

The back of the box features another cartoon picture of the figure but once again, like the other figures in the line, there’s something about the graphic they use for the character that just doesn’t seem 100% accurate.

This figure, by far, is one of my favourites of the year so far. Not only in the Club Grayskull line, but over all the Masters figures I’ve received so far. He translated to plastic so well, Mattel and The Four Horsemen should be high-fiving each other over such an amazing figure.

The evil old artichoke head looks like he jumped right off the screen and onto your shelf or table (or wherever you keep you figures). He’s a 100% new sculpt – as he should be. He features articulation at the head/neck, shoulders, elbows, swivels at the writs and has a little bit of swiveling at the waist. It doesn’t bother me that he doesn’t ab articulation but I am surprised that he doesn’t have the added wrist articulation the other figures have. Mind you, I think it’s because of his main accessory and being and to keep his hand/wrist strong enough for it.

Evil Seed’s head sculpt is done very well. I don’t have a lots of paint slop, although his teeth could have been done better. As well, although my figure’s eyes aren’t 100%, they’re still decent and nowhere near the awful other pictures I’ve seen online. I still don’t know why the eyes are such an issue with the figures this year.


I mentioned that Evil Seed didn’t have that extra articulation in his writs that would allow them to move up and down, but they do rotate. You can see the space that they left in the cape hanging on the wrists as well.

His legs are the most unique I’ve seen yet for MOTU figures. They are vines! He stands very well and this unique sculpt of the legs are very aesthetically pleasing and don’t hinder the figure from standing.

Evil Seed comes with two accessories: one is his vine that attaches very well to his hand. This accessory is very well thought out and I think the reason why they didn’t give Evil Seed that added wrist articulation.

The other is a vine that has some stretchable properties so you can get it around your figures. Once again, this accessory is well thought out and I give them so much credit for including it.

Below is Evil Seed with the vine attachment shooting from his body. It’s so cool. While it may have been even better with some extra paint applications, I’m not going to complain because it works so well with the figure and is easy to attach and pose.

Damn…this figure looks so f’n good. I’m not trying to make Evil Seed look like he’s singing here (that thought came while typing this), but I thought he looked like a prophet preaching in these pics.

Here’s He-Man from the Club Grayskull line all trapped. Evil Seed thinks he’s succeeded, but there’s an ass-kicking coming. The accessory is so awesome – and He-Man looks a little too happy to be in this predicament.


Here’s the Club Grayskull Evil Seed with the 200X version that was released in 2015. While I think the updated version looks really awesome and they did a great service on the figure, the one on the left will always be “my” Evil Seed.


I was in a Doctor Who mode the week I was doing photos, and I just thought this was too funny not to take a picture of.  Tom Baker is the best Doctor ever – but that whole diatribe is best left to another article.


Evil Seed is one of my favourite figures of the years. Not only in this scale, but overall. I know that’s hard to comprehend with so many awesome figures from other lines, but he just hit all the right spots with me. He’s evil looking, has excellent accessories, is a faithful representation to the source material, and just fun overall. This is one figure that if you’re a Masters of the Universe fan or just a fan of excellent random figures, you’re going to want to pay the premium on the aftermarket for this figure, as you won’t be disappointed.