Metallica – “Ride the Lightning” Box Set

Metallica released deluxe box sets for Kill ‘Em All and this album, Ride the Lightning this year. I read what was available in the the sets but I waited to order them. It was a mix between using funds for more important things and other collectibles and being unsure how much bang for the buck these sets would provide.

After having this set and the other in hand, you totally get what you pay for. This cost me $160 Canadian with free shipping though and I have yet to see it in a store. I started to see Amazon’s stock was depleting and thought it was now or never and with the funds available, I’m glad I made the decision to pick them up.

Like the Kill ‘Em All set, this isn’t an article about dissecting or reviewing the album as the majority of the people who are clicking to read this already know and own this album, and people buying a set this expensive ($160 Canadian) know what a great album it is.

The box is heavy duty and opens to show everything is housed snugly inside. The side gives hope that these two releases are just the start of these deluxe sets, while the back gives you the hologram showing what number your copy is in this “limited” run of 30 000.

The box is very sturdy and holds everything in here pretty well. The CDs/DVD can come loose from where they are housed, but because there is so much in this set, you probably don’t have to worry about anything getting lost. The CDs/DVD can slip out of their casing pretty easily, though.


The vinyl and the booklet are the first things you see when you open up the set.

Clicking to enlarge the pictures below will show you everything that comes with this set!

The vinyl for this set is a replica of the original vinyl presentation. I think that the colours are enhanced more to try and make it what the band really wanted. I’ve never seen this album that vibrant.

The double live vinyl for this release is from the Hollywood Palladium in 1985. It has a great set list and the quality is actually really, really good!

A major selling feature for this set, just like the previous one, is inclusion of a picture disc that looks like one they released back in the 80s. I posted this in the Metal Collectors Society Facebook page and others showed pictures of picture discs with a different image on the B-Side. I don’t know what the B-Side replicates then:  a first US pressing, a different edition, or something special for this edition.

Once again, all the vinyl comes with download cards, which is an absolute bonus! I would stand up and applaud through this review if I could.

The Ride the Lightning CD is in the same carboard/digipack style case as Kill ‘Em All. It almost looks just like my original first pressing in a jewelcase, but with colours that pop more.

Here are the plethora of live CDs for the era as well as radio spots, unheard demos, and the DVD. The sound quality is better than expected and just having this stuff is a really neat collectors piece. Many won’t care about it, but if Metallica is your absolute favourite band of all time, this shit matters.

The lyric/songbook featuring the words to the songs, changes, and song chords is a really neat bonus. I’m not sure that I’ll look at this often but it’s something original for the fans and I applaud them thinking outside the box for this box. Oh, I’m too funny.

Here are the three posters that are included with the box set. I have nowhere to put them and while they are a cool throwback, I wouldn’t put them up or frame them. I’m sure Venom appreciates the free publicity. In this day and age, I’m surprised they did a replica featuring a cigarette band. Maybe it’s the band Camel that Opeth seems to always promote. Unfortunately when I see “Camel,” I think of cigarettes.

Although for this quick look, I didn’t take any pictures of the inside of the book, it’s just as awesome as the one found in the previous set. These books are almost worth the price for everything…ok, not quite, but I’m sure they’d sell a shit load of these at $40-$50 a pop.

Once again I’m absolutely blown away by the quality and the abundance of items in this set. As a fan of the band I won’t think twice about ordering if the other albums are done in this style. Like I said before, and hopefully hinted by how the spines of these sets are done, the band will be doing further deluxe versions of their discography.