Club Grayskull – Beast Man

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My August figures arrived last week, just on the brink of hitting September. Club Grayskull continues to bring us figures that are based on the Filmation He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon from the 80s. I’ve already looked at He-Man, Trap-Jaw, and Skeletor in past articles but this month brings us Skeletor’s right hand man, er, beast: Beast Man!

Beast Man has the slipcase the other figures had instead of the white or brown mailer box that the “Classics” line uses. I still love this packaging and hope Super 7 continues to use it if they continue this line down the line. One interesting change in the packaging is found on the side where they have a window cut now in the pillars of Grayskull to get some light in for the figure if people want to keep things mint in package.

The back of the box has no bio and has another cartoon representation but it still seems a bit off. I just don’t know what it is about the characters on the back of the boxes for this line. What makes it even more confusing, you can see how large and bulky the fur around his neck is and the image has no bicep armour. When you compare it to the figure, they just don’t seem the same.

Beast Man comes on the regular body, albeit this time around, he doesn’t come on a furry body. I guess that makes him more in line with how he looked in the cartoon. The armor on his biceps can come off, as can his furry neck piece.

I know many fans have really loved how this figure turned out. I’m not hating it at all, but I just find something with the head sculpt to be off. He just seems too skinny in the face/head for my liking. Maybe it’s because the neck piece is smaller than what I’m used to seeing. At least there isn’t a lot of paint slop or weird positioning of the eyes with this figure. There’s a section above his eyes where it’s not a clean as it should be.

His neck piece also hinders the movement of his head. If you’re trying to get him to look in a certain position, you have to struggle to have him do it or just give up and angle your camera to make it look like his head is doing what you want it to.


Beast Man has the awesome wrist articulation like the other figures, but also has the ankle articulation that, while effective, isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. It kind of looks like Beast Man’s foot has been totally squished at the front with how the slope is done.

Beast Man comes with his main weapon: his whip. He also comes with a shield that appeared in the Filmation cartoon. I can’t remember who had it or the episode it appeared in, but I’ll keep it with my Beast Man figure. I mean, he gets his ass thrown around by He-Man and Skeletor so much in the cartoon, he may need it to feel safer on my shelf.


Beast Man is posing DEVO-style by whipping it good (I know it’s supposed to be “well” – but I get points for the song reference, right?) I found that the whip handle tends to come loose a bit as his hand doesn’t hold it as tight as I would like. I will say that all his other articulation is pretty tight.

I took a picture of the Club Grayskull Beast Man with the first MOTU Classics figure for a comparison. I’m so surprised with how much they are different. I mean, I know that the Filmation Beast Man is a “basic” looking figure, but until you see them side by side, you didn’t realize how much of an impact The Four Horsemen made with their take on Beast Man in the Classics line. I think this made me love the Classics Beast Man even more!


It may seem like I might be shitting on this figure through this article, but I think it turned out decently for what it was trying to represent. He just looks way too thin to me. I liked how the Club Grayskull He-Man, Trap Jaw (except the lack of articulation in his arm), and Skeletor translated to action figure form more than this figure. Maybe I’ll warm up to him more in time and I’m glad we got him in action figure form, but if I could choose, I’d pick Mer-Man over Beast Man to be represented first.IMG_6328