Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 5 -Sponsored by Mad Rush Media


It’s time for more of my music stuff, showcasing what  I’ve accumulated over the past couple of months that I feel like showcasing. Once again, big thanks to Dave at Mad Rush Media for helping me out with some of these (check out the Ebay page!) If you don’t feel like reading, you can watch the embedded video from my YouTube page at the end of the article. Here we go!

Surgical Meth Machine – Surgical Meth Machine  (Nuclear Blast, 2016)

Hyped as the featuring some of the fastest bpms Al Jourgenson has ever used, it sure meets the expectations. Some of this is extremely fast. Jourgenson put Ministry to bed and released new music under the the moniker of SMM. Great tunes here with some going so fast, while others taking an interesting turn into not-so-metal territory. Supposedly Al has now raised Ministry from the dead. Go figure….but I’m not complaining.

Kylver – The Mountain Ghost  (Self Released, 2015)

I heard a song off of this from my Terrorizer magazine sampler CD (I subscribe and a CD or two comes with every issue) and I immediately tracked down their album (from their Bandcamp page). I really dug the songwriting and the prog rock meets stoner rock grooves. This one surprised me and I encourage you to give it a look!

Khemmis – Absolution  (20 Buck Spin, 2015)

Decibel magazine had this listed in their end of the year list. I had never heard of them, so I checked them out and loved it. This stuff rocks! I know most will classify it as doom rock, but I think there’s more than that. It’s not sludgy and their songs don’t just have one tempo throughout. Different vocals (from clean singing to song death vocals) make this a diverse experience. Sample on their Bandcamp page and buy!

Cliteater – From Enslavement to Cliteration  (War Anthem Records, 2016)

You want something extreme and in your face? Full of blasts but then some awesome groove? Gutteral vocals? Some pretty insane, yet amusing lyrics? Then look no further. Their album covers and names are takes (satire?) on classic death metal albums. This one mimics Napalm Death’s From Enslavement to Obliteration – but only in title and the art. Fantastic songs for headbanging!

Arcturus – Shipwrecked in Oslo  (Blood Music, 2014)

I had La Masquerade Infernale for a long time and it was an interesting listen. I say that because it was a unique take on metal – blending many different genres of metal with some pretty damn unique vocals. I picked this up when I went on a kick picking up lots of suggested and essential albums from the 90s that I had never heard, but with my pile so big, I didn’t go back to it often. It wasn’t until I kept reading things about Arcturian (2015) that I check out that album and I loved it so much, I bought it on CD and vinyl. It was one of my favourite albums of 2015, so naturally I had to go back and revisit their back catalogue with more attention. I’m glad I did because there are great songs and their progression is amazing – still blending all types of metal…and ICS Vortex’s vocals are just fucking awesome. Blood Music (superb label) put this live CD (and vinyl) of the audio from this DVD release. Having not seen the DVD, I was absolutely blown away with the delivery. I’m glad I picked this up.

Morbid Saint – Spectrum of Death  (Avanzada Metalica, 1988.
This edition: Century Media, 2016)

Speaking of bands that I had to go back and become familiar with, this is one of them. I’m on the Metal Collector’s Society FB page and it’s great to see different releases of certain albums and to become with new bands or to be introduced to metal that came out in the in the past 30 years that I didn’t know existed. I tend to recall seeing this album cover in music magazines in the 80s in the section where you’d see all the cool band shirts you could order in the mail – but that’s it. I never heard their music.

This release actually features remastered versions of Spectrum of Death AND Destruction System (that was supposed to come out in 1992), plus The Black Tape (Demo, 1992) and some songs recorded from 201-2011. Add to the package some great pictures and history on the band and you get a lot for the price. This is thrash and metal how I like it: fast with killer vocals and actual songs you can get stuck in your head. I’m glad I saw this band get so much love on the MCS page because it introduced me to a band I should have heard so many years ago.

Kvelertak – Nattesferd  (Roadrunner, 2016)

Here’s another band that blurs lines with so many genres of metal as well! Kvelertak released two albums before this that blended rock with doom with stoner metal with death metal with thrash with…you get the point. Yeah, the vocals won’t be for everyone but I really like them. While I did enjoy their last two albums and should have had them in regular rotation than I did, this one has been cranked all through the summer. I love it so much that I picked it up on vinyl as well (that’ll be in another TOTW feature). I always mean to go back to their other two albums but this one just been in constant play. This will prob be in my top five (or at least top ten) or the year.

Conan – Revengeance  (Napalm Records, 2016)

I can’t remember what music site I was on, but they had a post debuting Conan’s new video/song Foehammer from their album Blood Eagle (2014) and it was so trippy, with music that was so crushing, low and heavy, that I ordered it right away. You need good speakers to be able to turn up something with this much crushing low end to hear it all. While I haven’t gone back and listened to more of their back catalogue before Blood Eagle, I did pick up Revengenance right away. It’s just as crushing as their last album but I think that the band adds more variety to the sludgy doom attack by incorporating some more textures to their sound.

Filter – Crazy Eyes  (Wind-Up, 2016)

Title of Record (1999) will be THE Filter album for me. I love it. I love every song on it. It’s been hard to top although The Amalgamut (2002) came damn close for me. That’s not to say mainmain Richard Patick has released garbage afterward, I just find the albums weren’t as complete for me. The Trouble With Angels (2010) was pretty damn good, though.

When Patrick started stating that this one was a throwback to Short Bus and a more electronic/industrial element it piqued my interest as I find half of that album to be pretty damn boring. The first single that hit the net “Mother E,” shocked me. It was so f’n bad. I thought it was a joke. I was going to pick this up nonetheless because I thought there would be no way that represented the album as a whole. It doesn’t, thank goodness, but I find that there isn’t too much that does anything for me on this album. It gets better as you move through it, but it’s a disappointment for me.

Sergeant Thunderhoof – Ride the Hoof  (Self Released, 2015)

Holy hit me in the head from out of left field, Batman! Here’s another band that I heard from the Terrorizer magazine sampler disc. Immediately I loved the guitar tones, the vocal delivery, the winding song structures that blend rock, doom and stoner riffs. I can’t wait to hear the album they did before this and would love to snag this on vinyl – but because this is only available on their Bandcamp page, the conversion and shipping is just too much. Bitching aside, this would have made my “best of” list last year if I had it in time. Pick it up!

Astronoid – Air  (Blood Music, 2016)

Thank you, Blood Music for this release. Here’s another album that is bound for my top ten list of the year. This band is so hard to describe without hearing them that I really tried in my video, but for writing on here, I can say that if you heard Alcest, maybe that’s the most comparable (for me anyway based on the bands I’ve heard and albums I own).

The band takes shoegaze, mixes in some tremolo picking, some blast beats and clean vocals and shakes them up with some proggy song writing to create quite the musical landscape. This has been such a hit for Blood Music he (it’s a one man run label, if you can believe it!) he’s put it into production for vinyl. I will definately be getting one as when Blood Music puts music ON vinyl, it’s mastered properly for it with a careful ear for quality.

On a side note, I’ve picked up excellent releases like the aforementioned Arcturus release, but label only artists such as GoST and Dan Terminus. I’ve also picked up the huge vinyl box set showcasing the band Strapping Young Lad he did and picked up Maudlin of the Well albums as well. Make sure you check out the label as the artists featured are quite diverse and exciting. For black metal fans, the label is releasing a huge vinyl box set of Emperor’s discography this year. If I only had the money…

Here’s the video of this edition’s releases if you prefer to hear me blab about them instead. I find the writing more coherent!