Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: She-Ra


With getting Adora in 2009, fans were clamoring for what they wanted even more than a first ever Adora figure: they wanted She-Ra. I was fine with Princess of Power getting representation in the line and I was interested to see how She-Ra would be represented in the Classics line and I wasn’t disappointed (except one major flaw).

She-Ra went up for sale on in June of 2010 and lasted about 20 minutes before she sold out. Although the figure is under the banner of the “Princess of Power” line (see the fancy sticker on the box), She-Ra came in the usual box to keep the aesthetics of the line going.

The bio gives us the story we’re familiar with the most: She-Ra is Adora and leads the Great Rebellion against the evil forces of Hordak and the Evil Horde on Etheria.  The cool part is mentioning that when Hordak eventually fled to Eternia, the Great Rebellion followed.

She-Ra came on the female buck that they already used for the other female figures.  A lot of people weren’t happy that the females didn’t come with an abdominal articulation or swivel like the male characters. As well, her legs were hindered with how much they could be spread out due to the skirt (geez, typing that out sounds dirty) . I mention this because with the large scale beasts, like Battle Cat, fans wondered how she’d be able to mount her horse, Swiftwind, if and when he came to the line (he did and they addressed that issue with another She-Ra figure down the line…something I’ll eventually get to as I go through this line).

I love the colours on the figure and the gold really stands out. Her hair is long but bulky and heavy. With this much hair, it really hindered the head movement.  I’m sure with some figures, the hair would be ok, but this is a negative on mine because….

…both of the figures I bought (two heads = two display options = two figures to buy to display) have some of the worst loose joints. I ranted about this with my Optikk figure as both of those figures I have stand poorly and you can’t raise one of the arms well. With this figure, I have one that cannot stand AT ALL. For these pics, I had to actually swap heads to be able to take pictures because one figure acts like it’s completely wasted and will not balance.

As you can see with the one figure, the knee and the ankle are so totally warped. Colour me ignorant, but I really didn’t think about returning figures back in the day. I saw online that loose joints were an issue with some figures, but this figure and Optikk are two of the worst in my collection.

To give the fans the most option for display, The Four Horsemen sculpted on head with one tiara permanently attached to her head. For oversized mask/tiara/headpiece (I don’t know that to call it), it was decided to make it a removable piece where you could place it how you wanted. The picture in the middle shows the figure with the headpiece in one position but I didn’t take a picture with it reversed as I’ve never thought it looked right.

The picture on the right shows the figure if you wanted to display the 2nd head without the tiara. Yep…there was a big hole for the tiara to be inserted into instead of this piece just snapping on with clamps on the side.

I really didn’t care as I wouldn’t have a She-Ra on my shelf without one of her classic tiaras, so the way they designed the second head didn’t bother me too much.

She-Ra comes with her Power Sword, her shield based off of the vintage look and a comb/axe. I think the vintage figure/dolls – that had rooted hair – came with a brush so you could brush them. I’m not 100% sure as the only time I held those figures in my hand was when I went to my cousin’s house as she had them. While it is a cool extra accessory, I’ve never displayed her with it in her hand. Actually, I don’t think it’s ever been in her hand!

The gem in the shield really pops and it is a great feature. We didn’t know it at the time, but the shield and gem would be used with almost every other Princess of Power figure after She-Ra but showcasing a different colour.  It was a great throwback to the vintage line.

Her Power Sword is great as well. The gem pops, just like in the shield, and is pretty close to the source material. It was nice to see that there wasn’t any warping of any of these weapons coming out of the package.


I tried taking some pictures with She-Ra in various poses with her accessories, but her limbs are so damn loose that it was hard to get anything too interesting.

Although I’m disappointed that both the figures I bought had such loose joints that I can’t do too much with them, I’m really pleased with the overall aesthetics of the figure. The Horsemen knocked her out of the park and the display options given are certainly something to be thankful for. Seeing another female in the line given such care and thought really made me more excited to see the updated sculpting to Princess of Power figures and how they’d integrate into the line, especially when I never owned any of these.