Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Tytus


The 2010 Masters of the Universe Classics subscription was really starting to drop a lot of stuff into collector’s laps by the end of the 2nd quarter of the year. The previous month (April), we had Evil-Lyn, the sub exclusive figure, Wun-Dar, and the out of sub Weapons Pack all come out. For May, we had Optikk, who was the regular figure and this large scale figure, Tytus. Tytus?  “Who the hell is Tytus,” you ask?

By 1987, Masters of the Universe was coming to an end. Mattel was losing money as a toy company and figured the line had run its course. The team at the time behind MOTU was about to rebrand it as “The Powers of Grayskull” line and feature new characters with He-Man travelling back in time to Pre-Eternia. One of the main heroes would have been, cough, He-Ro, who I looked I did a Rewind feature about a while ago (with more on the Pre-Eternia backstory).

For some reason, although MOTU was cancelled and many toys and designs were never destined to be, two of the giants in the line, Tytus and his evil counterpart, Megator, were released in Italy. Why Italy? I have no idea, but these two giants, being the last of the vintage MOTU figures, became the most rare and command a pretty price today.

I guess Scott Nietlich and his crew behind MOTUC (and the Four Horsemen) wanted to show that they were really dedicated to listening to what the fans wanted, so pushing this updated Tytus to give fans something they’ve been wanting for years was a way of doing that. I sure as hell wasn’t expecting this figure to be released so soon into the line. I’m not complaining and I was pleasantly surprised, but at $40 and no real nostalgic attachment to the figure mixed in with an expensive April, I don’t think I was as excited for him as I should have been.

The MOTUC standard figures come in at approximately 7″ tall, so Tytus, being a giant, had to tower over those figures. The result is a figure that is just over 13″ tall and because the figure is that large, we got the largest packaging to date! The box for this guy is huge but still has the same layout as the regular figures, including a bio on the back!

I think it’s interesting in the bio that he find out that Tytus had a hand in building Castle Grayskull and one of the Three Towers (from the Eternia playset). It was also the first time that we read about the deaths of a character in the bio, as Tytus sacrifices his life to take out Megator.

Tytus’ body looks very similar to the bodies of the MOTUC figures at first glance but there are differences. First off, this is a rotocast figure, so it doesn’t have the weight you’d think it would have. He’s really light. It’s actually hollow inside.

As well, this figure lacks articulation. There’s articulation in the head, the arms can go up and down, the waist swivels, and the elbows and knees can bend. That’s it. I was disappointed that they didn’t include ball joints at the shoulders like the regular figures as that would have helped with posing the figure in more ways.

The face sculpt is well done. I had an issue with the head armour on He-Ro because it made him seem cross-eyed and I found it off-putting. With Tytus, I don’t get the same feeling when I look at him and it doesn’t hinder the facial expression for me.  The head piece is not removable but I think it should have been.


There’s some cool detailing on his armour and boots. I find that the silver really pops out and I like that his boots have a dirty look to them. I’m not sure if that was intended or just how the paint turned out.

Tytus comes with one accessory and I’m not sure what really to call it. It’s designed based on the vintage toy’s weapon and the art work. I guess this is a lazy giant’s device as it’s supposed to trap and capture enemies. I mean, I would think Tytus would be able to bend down and grab something with his hands, or be able to jump and land on whatever he was trying to catch. I really didn’t get it and still don’t.

The other crappy thing about his accessory is that you’re lucky if you can get a pose you’re happy with. Most of the time he can’t hold it as the weapon is heavier than his arm and his arm usually isn’t strong enough to hold it except in the poses I’ve shown below. With the pose on the right where Tytus is holding his capture device up in the air, I was lucky enough to balance Tytus long enough to take the picture.

Here’s Tytus trying to capture Skeletor. I would have preferred Tytus to be taller, like the vintage one so a device like this made more sense. I’m sure Tytus would just squish his foes instead of trying to capture someone who was trying to off him.

To this day, I’m still on the fence with Tytus. I don’t hate him, but he’s a figure that I could have done without unless: he was bigger, not rotocast, came with an additional accessory, and had more articulation. Back in 2010, $40 US for a figure was a lot of money and while I’m grateful the character came out, I feel like it was too much for what we got. I would have paid an extra $10 if he was done better, but I digress. Perhaps if Matty waited even another two years to get Tytus out, he would have been better. The great thing with getting Tytus so early was that we all knew that Megator was planned – we just didn’t know at the time when he would show up – but he showed up in August of 2011.