WWE Smackdown Live Thoughts, August 30, 2016


Source: wwe.com

I don’t know if there has been too much wrestling on in the last two weeks (I can’t believe I’m saying that), or if it’s just fatigue from other things AND realizing my summer break is almost over, but last night’s Smackdown was just “there” for me.  It wasn’t a bad show, but I just wasn’t engaged too much.

We were told that Daniel Bryan was going to address the situation with The Miz from last week’s Talking Smack. Well, he really didn’t until later on after Smackdown on Talking Smack. He stated that he thought The Miz was right about some of the stuff he said and that WWE won’t let them work together anymore. I feel they could have done so much more with all of this. Instead WWE inserted Dolph Ziggler into the mix.

So, the man that lost the WWE Championship match at Summerslam, who has had no interaction or follow-up at all with Dean Ambrose, takes the same promo approach to The Miz and inserts himself as “Daniel Bryan,” saying and acting how Bryan would IF he was cleared to wrestle. It’s the old bait and switch. At least we now know, over two weeks removed from Summerslam, where Ziggler is going. I’m sure the two will have a decent match at Backlash in two weeks.

Dean Ambrose faced Baron Corbin in the main event in a non title match…just because. AJ Styles was on commentary and did a decent job and got involved in the match at the end. From there, Ambrose took it to AJ and they fought a bit. The show ended when Styles was going to jump off the top turnbuckle towards Ambrose but Ambrose swiped the foot causing Styles to land on his nuts on the top rope. If he was Big E, he’d be out for weeks!! But because he’s AJ Styles, he sold the pain while Ambrose shook Styles’ hand to close the show. I wanted to see aggression out of Ambrose, but it looks like we’re back into Vince McMahon’s comedy bits involving testicles.

Besides the aforementioned stuff, nothing else tickled my fancy but I’ll add a few jots:

-Becky Lynch lost for the match for her and Naomi because she got distracted again. Geez…the writers can’t figure out anything else than this woman losing by being distracted constantly? It makes her look like an idiot.

-No one cares about Apollo Crews even when going AGAINST AJ Styles because they have not done one thing to develop Crews’ character. There is nothing for the fans to latch on to.

-I love the mean Carmella character and how she attacked Nikki Bella again. I do like Nikki more as a heel, but I think Carmella needs it more. Hopefully she delivers a sick promo next week to explain why she’s doing all of this. She really needs to deliver it with passion to get the crowd to boo the hell out of her.

-Heath Slater and Rhyno’s vignette with Rene Young at the trailer park was OK. The delivery was good but it reeked of the McMahon out of touch comedy routine.”Haha! Rednecks are funny! Let’s do that!”

-Both tag matches for this week were both under 3 minutes. You knew the Headbangers (who looked quite good) weren’t going to win, but those poor Vaudevillians aren’t ever going anywhere. The only reason I think they’re still around is because the tag division is so small.

A side note on Talking Smack: AJ Styles was…..PHENOMENAL. It’s so neat to see that show blend the fiction of WWE and real life and Styles did it perfectly. Actually, so did Heath Slater. I’m really digging that guy right now. I said it last week but the brand extension is the best thing that has happened to him.