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I’m back earlier than usual with more music, although it hasn’t even been a full week since my last look at music loot! I guess I’m just making up for lack of music goodness on here compared to my toy reviews and wrestling rants. Remember to go to Mad Rush Media’s Ebay store to get awesome deals on music!

This article will have some vinyl releases as well as CDs. There’s a video you can watch that’s embed from my YouTube page if you’d like to hear me rant about these instead – so the write ups about these will be minimal.

MGLA – Exercises in Futility  (Northern Heritage/No Solace, 2015)

This is one of those albums that started popping up on many year end lists and people were posting it like crazy on the Metal Collector’s Society Facebook page. With all the hype, I had to check it out and I really liked it. I said in the video for all these items that, to me, it really reminded me of Watain and I really like that band, so this was a solid choice.I finally got around to getting a copy this summer. Now it’s time to check out their back catalogue!

Meshuggah – Nothing  (Nuclear Blast, 2002)

With my Meshuggah box set review, I had some great feedback via emails and through the YouTube page. One of the commenters told me that the edition of Nothing that I had on CD was actually a re-recording with new guitars and a drum machine. I had no idea as I thought it was just a deluxe version with a DVD, so that was the one I got as I was filling out my Meshuggah collection a few years ago. Well, I got online and found this for like $5 so I just have to get around to listening to it to compare and figure out for myself which version of the album they used for the vinyl box set.

Lantlôs – Lantlôs  (De Tenebrarum Principio, 2008.
This pressing by Lupus Lounge, 2011)

I got into this band with their Melting Sun album (courtesy of getting into Alcest and Prophecy Productions). This album was the only one that I still needed to get, so I picked this up when I got my CD from MGLA. This 2 CD version has the album plus the Îsern Himel demo with some unreleased tracks.  I’m a fan of these super jewel cases that some of their albums have come in, but I’m sure they’re a bitch to find if they need replacing. Note: still need to listen to it as of the time of writing this.

Strapping Young Lad –Alien  (Century Media/Shock, 2001)

No, don’t lynch me.  I’ve owned this CD for years…but I didn’t have THIS version that was released in Australia. One of the things I like about putting my collection into Discogs (which I did over the last year), is finding out about different versions of CDs/vinyls that you didn’t know existed. This was one and I was lucky enough to find someone selling it on Ebay with a Buy It Now price of $5! I scored this one and gave my other original copy to my buddy. The reason? It has this cute little 3″ DVD with a making of feature and the song, “Oh My Fucking God!” live.

Castlevania NES Original Soundtrack (Mondo, 2016)

What a pleasant surprise this was! I found out that Mondo was releasing this on their site only a week before they did. They had a version of this with a different colour for the vinyl for SDCC. I’m not sure how many of these were pressed, but they were sold out that day. I loves me some 8-Bit music and chilling with it, so I’ll be along for collecting all of these as Mondo will be releasing everything up to Symphony of the Night. This album sounds fantastic and I had no issue with my copy.

Butthole Surfers – Electriclarryland (Capitol Records, 1996.
This pressing by Plain Recordings, 2015)

What a letdown this is. I was ecstatic when I saw this in one of the record stores in my town. I grabbed it and bought it immediately. Then when in my buddy’s car, I noticed that it was open and a used copy that they didn’t advertise (and a little dusty). No worries – it was like $25 and it’s the f’n BUTTHOLE SURFERS! Independent Worm Saloon will always be in my top 10 albums of all time but I like most of the songs on this one, too, so imagine my happiness when the used album didn’t skip or pop and sounded actually really good! Then the highs turned into lows.

It turns out that the first vinyl with side A & B, has an issue with the last songs on each side. For some fucking reason, the songs speed up like you’re hitting forward on your CD player remote. I’ve never heard anything like it. I have no idea what Plain Recordings have done to rectify it and I should really send them an email.

The one thing I didn’t take a picture of (but it’s in the video below), is that side D has an etching of the art that was in the CD version. Pretty cool, but the issue with the songs on either side of the first vinyl pisses me off. The glass half full side of me says at least those songs weren’t major favourites of mine.

Opeth – Lamentations (Music For Nations, 2003.
This edition: Sony Music/Music For Nations, 2016)

Basically this is the audio from the DVD/CD concert from 2003. It sounds crisp and clean, but the audio on here is supposedly just a direct transfer of the audio used for the CD. I’m a sucker for completing collections and I really love the live takes of all these songs, so I had to pick this up. I actually love some of the takes of these songs on here more than on the actual album. Worth a listen if you have never heard or seen it.

Alice Cooper – The Last Temptation (Epic, 1994.
This release: Friday Music/Epic, 2016)

I went into a big rant in my video about this album, so I’m not writing it all out here. I’ll just say that I’m glad this got reissued and grabbed my attention because it made me go back and listen to it again after many years and realize that it’s a damn good album. Funny how you judge releases from your teens when you’re older.

Alice Cooper – DragonTown (Spitfire Record, 2001.
This release: Back on Black, 2011)

Same kind of rant on the video as above but I really like every Alice album from Constrictor on. Yeah, his classic stuff when he went solo is great and you can even find some gem songs in his early 80s stuff when he was so drunk he didn’t even remember recording the albums, but as I grew as a metal and music fan (and a musician), I just loved everything he did and the people that collaborated with him (or wrote the music, to say it nicely).

Thompson Twins – Close to the Bone (Arista, 1987)

How’s THIS to throw some of you off? Yes, I love metal, but I loves me some 80s pop. Hell, I was a kid when this stuff was popular and when rap was just starting to make its mark in the music world. How could you ignore it or be influenced by this stuff when you had MTV running videos all the time? I love Quick Step and Side Kick, The Gap, and Here’s To Future Days. When I first saw the lead off video for this when I was probably in grade six at the time, I didn’t like it. Therefore I never picked up this album.

I saw it when I picked up the Butthole Surfers album above for only $5. Some songs are OK, but it still isn’t as good as their last releases.

Here’s the video with my ramblings about all these releases! Enjoy!