Masters of the Universe Classics Rewinds: Optikk


Optikk was the figure that arrived in our mailboxes in May of 2010 . He was the first character to represent The New Adventures of He-Man cartoon. He lasted about 15 minutes before he sold out, surprising many.

I’ve stated it on my site before that I’ve never gotten through a New Adventures cartoon episode as it is horrible. The story behind He-Man going out into space to chase Skeletor, teaming up with new heroes and fighting new villains just could never register properly with me.

I will say that as these characters were released in the MOTUC line, I became more open to how they all were placed into Masters of the Universe cannon and how The Four Horsemen took the garbage looking vintage New Adventure toys and updated them.  They started to become a welcome addition to my action figure collection.

Just reading the bio below really elevates Optikk as a character that should be feared and a worthy adversary to He-Man and the Galactic Protectors. That’s the kind of shot in the arm these characters needed and another reason I was such a fan of the bios. I really knew nothing about Optikk, so the helped me become familiar with a character I had no interest in.

Optikk uses the lower half of Trap Jaw, while newly sculpted armour fits over the existing male buck. I think his hands and forearms were new and the shoulders were also reuses of Trap Jaw’s parts. Unfortunately, BOTH figures that I opened have some of the loosest joints out of any figure that I’ve ever received (except for one other that came out 2010 and I’ll be getting to her this week). I didn’t realize you could send stuff back for customer service stock back in the day, so I have two Optikk figures that can barely raise one of the arms or balance properly.

The vintage figure had an action feature where there was a dial on the back that would move the eyeball left and right. Seeing how the Classics line didn’t have action figures, that wouldn’t be happening with this figure. The Four Horsemen did decide to leave that dial-look on Optikk’s lower back to make it as accurate to the vintage figure as possible, although it’s just sculpted onto his armour.

The articulation is the same as the other figures that we had received, except at the top because Opikk doesn’t have a neck! There’s a peg where you can place the eye of your choice on him. I’m not sure why he came with two eyes. Perhaps he had one colour (or two) in the cartoon while the vintage figure had another. I snagged two just because I like displaying the different options on my shelf.

Optikk comes with a blaster (Photon Neutralizer) and a shield. I’m showing the ones cast in black from a future weapon’s pack because, unfortunately, I was dog-sitting one day and because my Optikk figures have loose joints, the one that can’t stand well fell off my shelf and the dog found the shield on the floor before I did. I had already sold my extra weapons at that point on Ebay so I don’t have a mint one anymore. I guess I should see if anyone has one out there.

Below are some various poses of both my Optikk figures in the best positions I could get them in. They can barely lift their arms.

I’d like to think there are a whole army of Optikk species guys out there – like a whole shit-load of Bossk creatures from Star Wars (Trandoshans) – hiring themselves out like bounty hunters.


The stars of “Lethal Weapon 2547”

I really dig Optikk and his design. This figure made me welcome the idea of more New Adventures figures in the Classics line. I figured that if The Four Horsemen could make an eyeball on a body creature cool, then anything was possible in the line! It’s just too bad that the joints on my figures are just so damn loose that they both basically stand in static poses on my shelf.