The Book of Opeth (“Classic” Edition) – Quick Thoughts and Video


The cover of The Book of Opeth

It’s Opeth’s 25th anniversary! To commemorate the band’s longevity, they decided to release a retrospective book, entitled The Book of Opeth (published by Rocket 88), that has commentary from current and past members, and those who have worked with the band in order to take the fans on a journey from starting musicians to the juggernaut they are today. There are so many awesome pictures that have never been published before for fans to see. Even if they had been published before, I’m sure that I wouldn’t have recalled 99% of them anyway.


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I made a video and posted it on my YouTube page (embedded below) that gives more of a comprehensive look at it with more of my usual ramblings. Take a look at the pictures with some of my brief commentary and then enjoy the video! I will say thank you to Dave at Mad Rush Media for scoring a few copies of this so I could order one from his Ebay store. It definitely helped with the shipping.

If you would like more information on how to get this book for yourself, you can go HERE. There are two different versions: a “classic” edition and “signature” edition. This video and write up look at the “classic” edition as the “signature” one costs a lot more, comes with a few more high end items and is limited to 500 copies. The “classic” edition has a run of 3,500 copies.

I don’t want to print too many pics of what’s in the book as I don’t want to infringe on any copyrights and have anyone get pissed that I’m giving anything away. I just want to use my site to promote a great book.


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The book is a great read and I read it within a few hours over two days. I just got lost in reading the stories from the band’s origins to just before Pale Communication came out. There are highs and lows and I think it’s really neat to hear about about a band learning that a record contract, even in the 90s, doesn’t mean you’re rich, famous, or that your album is going to go anywhere because you’ve been signed. It’s even worse today, of course, but it really puts things into perspective.

There’s a massive and comprehensive discography included in this book as well. If you think you’re a big Opeth fan/collector, I’m sure most of you will have your jaws hit the floor when you go through this.


All images/copyright are the property of Opeth/The Book of Opeth

One of the biggest bonuses with getting this book is that it includes a 7″ featuring two exclusive tracks: acoustic versions of “Atonement” (from Ghost Reveries) and “Demon of the Fall” (from My Arms, Your Hearse).

The “classic” edition may seem a little pricey to some, but when you see some other bands’ biographies or member’s autobiographies in the store for about $15-20 less, take into consideration that this production run is smaller and includes an exclusive 7″ inch. Outside this book, if that 7″ was released on Record Store Day, you’d probably see it go for $25-30. Add the awesome texture to the outside of the book, the quality of the printed pages and the time to compile all of this, and you have an awesome book at an acceptable value.

I said it in my video and I’ll mention it here again – and this is just to nit pick – but I would have liked to read a more comprehensive album reflection. I’d love to read pages on the thoughts, the insights, the recording processes and more for every album as I find that some are kind of barely touched upon and there could be much more shared.

As an Opeth fan, and not even as hardcore as many others out there, I can recommend this book and can say I was highly impressed with it. If you have the dough and haven’t picked up your copy yet, do so. It’ll wet your appetite for their upcoming album, “Sorceress,” which drops in September.

*Note: if you don’t like the direction Opeth took after Ghost Reveries and into the realm of prog-rock, this book is still a great read and insightful so don’t let you disdain for their new direction prevent you from enjoying their past.

Here’s my video on the book! Enjoy!!