Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Weapons Pack – Ultimate Battleground Assortment

One of the cool things about Masters of the Universe (the vintage line or this Classics line) is the crafty reuse of parts or accessories when building new figures. Back in the day, we also got extra accessories that were repaints just to give us more play options. With the Masters of the Universe Classics line, fans were heard and Mattel released the first of five weapons packs.

This is the first weapons pack they released and it came out in April of 2010. It was available for about 15 minutes until it sold out and it was an item that wasn’t part of the subscription, so you had to log onto the site to snag one.

The “Ultimate Battleground Assortment” included:

  • Hordak’s Horde cross-bow in white
  • Beast man’s whip in red
  • Tri-Clops’ sword repainted
  • Zodac’s armor and blaster in purple
  • Zodak’s staff in purple
  • Beast-Man’s chest armor, and shoulder armor in a darker red with black horns
  • He-Man’s sword, axe, and shield in blue
  • Man-At-Arm’s knife and blaster repainted
  • Stratos’ jet pack in red
  • Scareglow’s staff, Moss Man’s club,  and Webstor’s blaster in gray
  • The 200x inspired Electronic Power Sword that came as a bonus with Man-At-Arms with green highlights

The packaging is almost the size of two standard MOTU classics figure packaging if you put them side by side and just a little taller. There’s no bio to explain what the “Ultimate Battleground” is, although it fleshed out in the bios throughout the line as more and more characters were released. Basically it was one of the main battles at the Three Towers (the vintage “Eternia” playset). If you want to read more about it, go to this WIKI.

I just took pics of the items in the package as some pieces are with some of my figures while other pieces I’ve never used are in containers. I wanted to make things a bit simpler for myself and to make this Rewind feature short.

Here are close-up of Beast-Man’s repainted armour, Hordak’s crossbow, and other guns underneath it.

Here are close-ups of the Electronic Power Sword (with some of the other swords behind and beside it), Zodac’s armour repainted and Stratos’ jet pack.

Below is Zodak and Scareglow’s repainted staffs, He-Man’s repainted axe and shield, Moss Man’s repainted club, and Beast Man’s repainted whip.

This item was $12 US. I know that they probably still had some decent margin on these with them being repaints, but that was a pretty low price for a cool looking package and 19 pieces. If I was a kid and actually playing with these (well, more than I do…shhh…), I would have loved something this expansive. Little things like this give you that nostalgic feeling and also really give more display options for your figures. Mattel did a great job with this and foreshadowed what they were capable of when they had the fans in mind and were on the ball with the line.