Electrified Porcupine’s New Music (CD & Vinyl) Showcase Vol. 3 -Sponsored by Mad Rush Media


Well, it’s been a few weeks since the last “Treats of the Week,” but I’m back with more music goodness! Come take a look with me at the plethora of music I’ve gotten over the past few weeks, many courtesy of Mad Rush Media!

There’s a video embedded that I put on my YouTube page that has me going over these and rambling, so enjoy that, too! This write-up doesn’t reflect the same order as the video just to mix things up. I’m not going to write-up too much for these as a lot of info about these are in the video.

Vinyl Selections

Gruesome – Savage Land (Relapse Records, 2015
This edition: 2016 Ltd. to 100)

Great first release from Death worshipers, Gruesome. For some reason I didn’t pick up the vinyl edition last year (although I got the CD), but Relapse put a few of these up on their site and I snagged one. Very happy!

Gojira – Magma (Roadrunner Records, 2016)

I asked Dave from MRM to score this for me from Gojira’s web store as I really wanted to have the live DVD that came with this. I went into a rant about my feelings about this album on the video and how I think it’s a very important release for the band. It’s at the end of the video if you just want to skip to that part. I love it and there is a lot of emotion behind this release.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Let’s Kick Shell (Enjoy the Tunes Records, 2016
2nd pressing – Krang pink colour Ltd to 200)

This 7″ features a re-recording of the classic theme song along with four tracks right from the Turtles in Time video game. I love me some video game music, so this was a no brainer to pic up. There are many different version of this release available (as of the time of writing this). I think it’s also hilarious that it came with a Michelangelo mask.

Bathory – Hammerheart (Noise International, 1990
This pressing: Black Mark Productions, 2013)

It’s Bathory! It’s Quorthon! Should I say any more than that? This was during his change of style towards more of a “Viking metal” phase away from this black metal/Venom phase. A fantastic album and it’s taken me a while to finally pick this up on vinyl.

Veruca Salt – IV (Sympathy for the Record Industry, 2006)

This release alluded me for a while. I finally scored it on CD this year (as sometimes it can be pretty pricey). I noticed this one on Ebay for a pretty cheap price and scored it. It’s a great album and it has some pretty heavy riffs on it.

Edge of Sanity – Crimson I & II (Black Mark Productions, 2003. This pressing: 2011)

This album by mastermind Dan Swanö combines the concept albums Crimson (1996) and Crimson II (2003) into one release. As of time of writing this, I haven’t put this on yet, but most albums I’ve gotten from Black Mark Productions turn out to sound pretty good.

Unleashed – Where No Life Dwells (Century Media, 1991.
This pressing: 2016 Ltd to 600 copies)

Old school death metal at its finest. The sound on this thing is crisp and clean! It comes with a CD of the album with the added And the Laughter Has Died EP and other bonus tracks. The poster is awesome, too. Not bad for a $20 reissue!

VAST – Visual Audio Sensory Theater (Elekra, 1998. This pressing: Vast Music, 2011)

I love this album quite a bit, but still not as much as the follow-up, Music For People. I wish they would give Jon Crosby the rights to reissue that one as I’d pay big bucks for an expanded CD and vinyl release. If you’ve never heard it, check this out. It’s great rock mixed with some electronica elements.

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade Records, 2015)

I’m not sure how many of these picture discs were pressed, but I snagged one from the Metal Blade web store (thanks to MRM). I don’t buy picture discs to listen to as the surface noise on them annoy them hell out of me, but because I already have a pressing on vinyl to listen to and the CD/DVD UK edition of this, I’m not worried. It’s more of a collectors item for me.


Obscura – Akrøasis (Relapse Records, 2016)

This come out earlier in the year and with MRM getting them in, I had no more excuses to not pic this up. I have everything else by Obscura and finally listened to it while editing and importing pictures for this article last night and it doesn’t disappoint. I love the fret-less bass and it really reminds me in some parts of Death’s Individual Thought Patterns album.Lots of good stuff on here and it’ll require many more listens to get the most of it. Colour me impressed by them yet again.

Ministry – Enjoy the Quiet – Live at Waken 2012 (UDR/EMI, 2013)

I’m a sucker for almost anything Ministry, so when I saw this was available, I had to grab it. I’ve never seen it in a store and I think this release passed me by three years ago. Glad to have nabbed it and I’m sure it’s going to sound great.

Arcturus –Aspera Hiems Symfonia (Century Black, 1996)

This contains re-recordings of Arcturus’ songs from the Constellation EP along with new tracks.I finally got this early pressing and the songs still hold up well – as I’ve only heard a few of these tunes on their live album.

Hellyeah – Unden!able (Eleven Seven Music, 2016)

Yeah, I know a lot of the metal community doesn’t like this band and would rather see some of these guys back in their old bands (or a Pantera reunion – which I don’t think would be a good idea), but whatever. Their last album was decent and I think this is the best album yet. I cranked it yesterday while working away and I dug it! This edition has four bonus live tracks and a slipcase. Sidenote: I LOVE Nothingface. I wish they’d come back.

Jungle Rot – Order Shall Prevail (Victory Record, 2015)

I don’t have many Jungle Rot albums but I read some good stuff about this one. I didn’t find it or pick t up last year, so when I saw it in the new additions to the MRM Ebay store, I grabbed it. It’s great old school death metal that really doesn’t deviate from the band’s last two releases. Good headbanging music.

Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance (Nuclear Blast, 2015)

I didn’t come across this one in the stores around here last year either and read both positive and negative things about it. I scored it when I saw MRM had this deluxe set in (why wouldn’t you get this edition instead – you get a bonus track and a “making-of” DVD?).  I listened to this one this week and I think it’s pretty damn good for a “super group with guest singers” album. Actually it’s REALLY well done and catchy. Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Alex Skolnick (Testament), and Mike Portnoy (Ex-Dream Theatre and The Winery Dogs) combine their efforts with Mark Menghi, guest vocalists, and a plethora of other famous contributors, to create a really great album of metal anthems. I was surprised by the quality of songs in this release.

Tiamat – Prey (Century Media, 2013)

I don’t have too much to say about this one except I was missing this release, so I picked it up and I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet.

Tiamat – Wildhoney (Century Media, 1994)

This album was important for the band as they drastically changed their direction to more of a gothic/doom approach instead of the death metal fans were accustomed to with their previous releases. I didn’t wrap my head around this album until I gave it a good listen last year and when I saw a first pressing in the MRM Ebay store, I grabbed it. Listened to this one yesterday and I’m digging it so much now that I think I’ll have to grab one of the vinyl represses.

Serj Takian – Elect the Dead (Reprise Records, 2007)

I love System of a Down, but I never picked up this release and then I forgot really about his solo albums (although I do own the Scars of Broadway album from other System member, Daron Malakian). It wasn’t until I was importing all these new releases into Discogs that I remembered why I never picked this up in the stores – there’s a deluxe version with more songs on it and I was waiting for that one. Oh well. I finally listened this album yesterday and it’s pretty good – not System of a Down quality, but good nonetheless.

Act of Defiance – Birth and The Burial (Metal Blade, 2015)

Here’s another release that came out late last year but I didn’t get around to grabbing. I did sample a few tunes online and liked what I heard but I didn’t grab it in any store. I sampled a few more in my car and also still liked what I heard, so I just need to sit down and take it all in before making a final judgement on it. I bought it because the ex-members of Megadeth are in this band.

Pungent Stench – Masters of Moral – Servants of Sin (Century Media, 2001)

I already have this CD, but I saw that the digipak was available so I grabbed it so I could have a bigger “Book of Prayers” insert that it comes with. This is another fantastic release in Pungent Stench’s discography.

Note: I think I said in my video that this came out after Ampeaty, but that isn’t the case as this came out two years earlier. That’s what I get for rambling in the videos without double checking my collection.

Enjoy my video ramblings for all these releases!