Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Wun-Dar

2010 was the first year that Masters of the Universe Classics had a subscription model. That meant that if you subscribed, you were guaranteed every figure for that year in the line (at least the 12 main figures and quarterly figures). As an extra incentive, a subscription figure, one that wouldn’t be available to the public, would be sent to subscribers for their “subscription fee.” Basically you did pay for the figure, but you had bragging rights on securing it without going to Ebay.

The first subscription figure (shipped in April of 2010 with Evil-Lyn) was an interesting choice. That figure was Wun-Dar and the origins of this figure is the subject of debate still to this day. The basic story behind this figure is that Wonder Bread had a promotion that if you sent in enough UPC Proof of Purchase labels, you were sent an exclusive Masters of the Universe figure. Basically it was a He-Man, but with darker hair, wearing Zodac’s armour that was painted black.

wonderbread heman vintage

Vintage mysterious Wonder Bread He-Man (source:

Now there are some people that still believe that it was a mail-in figure. Some say it was given away by accident instead of another figure. Some others say that it was a Mattel giveaway but with the support of Wonder Bread. Who the hell knows? All I know for sure is that a figure with this much mystery surrounding it is appropriate for a subscription figure. Why? It’s obscure enough that hardcore fans like myself would enjoy it, while people who want to pick up the odd figure here and there during the year, wouldn’t be butt-hurt if they didn’t have this figure in their collection.

Although he was a subscription figure, Wun-Dar came in the standard packaging so he would blend in fine with all the other figures. The bio on the back actually places Wun-Dar into the Masters lore and it almost seems like Wun-Dar is actually the very first person to carry the title of “He-Man.” This bio was one of the first times where I questioned whether I liked the notion of other “He-Men” besides Prince Adam. I mean, the bios are fun and don’t necessarily have to be your cannon so I’m not one to be irate over something like this and hit the forums to complain.

As you can see, Wun-Dar is just a He-Man repaint (hair, gauntlets, loin cloth, and boots) wearing Zodak’s armour (painted in black), to try and mimic the mysterious vintage figure. With that being said, his articulation is exactly like He-Man’s.

Close up you can clearly see this is the same head/sculpt as the orgininal MOTUC He-Man and Battle Armor He-Man.


You got to love when companies/sculptors put in Easter Eggs with their figures. At the bottom of Zodac’s repainted armour are the three circles that represent (and are the logo affiliated with) Wonder Bread. I wonder if Wun-Dar prefers white or whole wheat!


Wun-Dar comes with repainted Power Swords – one whole and one half. And in another hilarious reference, Wun-Dar here comes with a loaf of fresh baked bread! I thought this was brilliant.


My Wun-Dar figure didn’t (and still doesn’t) have any issues with loose joints and posing him in numerous ways is easy to do.

Just for a comparison, I took a picture of the all the “He-Men” together that had come out at that point. I think they’re all excited as their going to break bread and shoot the shit together.


Some people enjoyed Wun-Dar as the exclusive, while some thought it was a waste of resources. Like I said before, I thought it was a clever choice for the first ever subscription figure and I still think he kinda pops on my shelf with the contrast of a “He-Man” wearing something different instead of his usual armour. Now it’s time to make some toast.