Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice: Lord Masque


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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: this figure was the initial figure for this year’s Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice line AND he was released in January, 2016 so where was his review earlier and why are you featuring him now?  Well, I had not started this site until March and with trying to keep up with new releases, on top of starting my “MOTUC Rewind” features (not to mention other lines and things to write about), this figure was put on the back-burner. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it just wasn’t a priority.

Lord Masque appeared in Filmation cartoon one episode from the 80s, “The House of Shokoti Part 1,” and was an intricate part of the two-part episode. Unfortunately he got offed at the end of the episode thanks to Orko of all people (uh, Trolians). The weird thing is that he resonated with many of the fans and has been demanded for years. He never had a vintage figure, so the MOTU community really pushed for him. I have no nostalgia tied to the figure but when you see a cool looking character, you invite him in to your collection with open arms!

As mentioned before, this figure was the first in the new MOTUC-CC line so it was the first figure we saw on this standard Classics packaging but without a bio on the back. I’ve said it many times already this year, but I f’n hate that they couldn’t put the effort in to writing a bio or give some kind of information about the character on the back of the packaging. Also on the side of the package is the “Collector’s Choice” burst. I didn’t put the picture up, as I’ve done it for some of the other figures in this line.

The figure is on the standard male buck we’ve seen for years and years, as well as the same standard MOTUC articulation. The main stand-out features are his harnesses across his chest (and legs?), his huge cape, and, of course, his mask. He couldn’t be “Lord Masque” without a mask, could he?

I really like the head sculpt on this guy and it does justice to the source material. Although his head is just a mask, it is pretty menacing and does feature a little bit of red for what may be the “mouth piece.”

I guess the main complaint from people, and I understand, is that the horns on his head are not sharp, but rounded. Not only that, but the lower two horns are way shorter than what was portrayed in the cartoon. I guess that has to do with certain toy laws or requirements. Mind you, even if these horns had an edge, I’m sure there are more accessories out there that you could easily poke your eye with, so it kind of makes no sense. But then again, people sue others and each other for less these days.

I also have to mention that the mask isn’t removable.


Up close, you can see some detailing on his cloak/harness straps. The jewel piece in the middle pops, but is just a solid colour. My Lord Masque had some paint slop on his right arm. Not too big of a deal, but maybe it should have foreshadowed for me all the problems and quality control issues (and delays) we were going to have with Mattycollector all year.

The two accessories he comes with actually aren’t for him. He comes with a sword and shield that are modern updates to a New Adventures of He-Man variant: Thunder Punch New Adventures He-Man. I’m someone that keeps most of the accessories with the figure they came with so I always know where they’re at (there are some exceptions, of course), so my Lord Masque will always be holding on to these.

The weapons are well done and none of mine had any crazy warping (the sword is a tad bent, but nothing too noticeable). I like the neon green colour accented by the silver.

I think Lord Masque looks pretty good with and without the weapons. I know the purists won’t have him holding anything as he’s a master of magic.

Below are a few more assorted pics of Lord Masque.

Lord Masque was a highly demanded figure and with his episode companion,  Shokoti, already having been released a few years ago, he was a missing piece to many collector’s collection. Like I said, I really had no nostalgic tie to the figure and couldn’t have cared less if he was made or not, but I like how he turned out and was even more exciting to have in hand. He was a good springboard to launch the Collector’s Choice line as collectors breathed a sigh of relief when they knew he was finally going to be immortalized in plastic.