Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice: Despara


I wasn’t too fond of the Crita figure that came this month. Thankfully, or so I first thought upon opening up my parcel, the subscription figure, Despara, also shipped this month. After I got her out of the package, my enthusiasm dropped.

I’ll get this out of the way: I love the idea of Despara. For those who don’t know, Despara is Adora, or She-Ra, as a brain-washed minion and army leader of Hordak. The story came about in the comics that were released last year by DC. I’ve read them all and love the story. If you haven’t read them, do yourself a favour and get them in any format.

I was so pumped that this figure was announced as the subscription bonus figure. I think it’s the perfect choice as the character is obscure to anyone but major MOTU fans and it wasn’t forced on you if you’re not a fan of Adora/She-Ra having this new and extended background attached to her character.

The packaging is the standard we’re all used to without any kind of bio. I think I’ve already mentioned it enough times how much I’m disappointed there’s no bio on the packaging anymore, so no swearing this time around about it.

Despara is on the updated female buck, but there are a lot of new parts for the costume. I’m actually surprised that on a figure that’s a bonus sub figure, they tooled so many new parts for it. The articulation is similar to the other female figures and most of the joints are tight, making posing the figure pretty easy, except for one major flaw I’ll get to in a bit.

Below are pictures of Despara with her regular head and her Horde mask/helmet that’s an homage to Hordak. I really like that the Four Horsemenn included both heads for display options and I love that they included a spot on her cape for Despara to hang both her swords. I applaud little touches like that.

Despara doesn’t look as imposing without her cape or swords. A post like this makes it look like her waist armour is quite bulky.


As you can see from the close-up pictures of the faces below, my Despara has some serious issues. The eyes aren’t perfect with the white in her retina in two different places. The main thing that pisses me off is the paint slop (or whatever it is) across her forehead. Where’s the quality control for these things?

The alternate head/mask turned out pretty well and I think I may pose her with this one. The red markings/details around the face turned out pretty well and I do like the attention to detail they added to it – I’ll give them that.

Speaking of quality control, what in the hell is with the huge left hand? It horribly sculpted although it can hold the staff well (but so could other hands that weren’t shaped like this). Not only is the hand ugly, I’ve got more paint slop (or paint missing) from it. I have to mention that it also can’t hold the sword properly either – which sucks as I will always pose her dual wielding her weapons.

The other HUGE quality control issue many are finding is that her neck peg is stuck in the position seen in the picture below. You can’t move it from the position it’s shipped in.  People on the some of the forums have said you can loosen it up with a hair dryer with warm air and moving it around, so I may try it. I just couldn’t believe both my figures were shipping in their package facing down. This kind of shit pisses me off because of what we pay for these figures and expect from these figures.

I will state that I didn’t have any other articulation problems with the figure and it could stand up well with no issues.

Despara comes with a staff and two swords. I’m happy we got a touch of paint application (red) on the handles of the sword and top of the staff. I don’t see me posing her with the staff at all, but you can get some great poses with dual wielding the swords. My two swords were a bit warped out of the package, unfortunately.

Overall, I was really, really looking forward to this figure. I thought it was a great idea for the sub exclusive and I really enjoyed the comics and the new lore surrounding Adora/Despara/She-Ra. It’s just too bad that what I got in hand has so many faults. I just can’t get over the problem with the neck peg and that ugly and useless left hand. I know some are still really happy with it, but there are too many mistakes with this one to give it a pass.