SDCC Exclusive She-Ra Figure from Mattel


I admit: I was thoroughly disappointed that there was no Masters of the Universe Classics figure as a SDCC exclusive this year. Actually, I also felt relief as I was one of the people that supported the MOTUC line from the beginning and got screwed when Mattycollector made so few of the SDCC exclusives last year and didn’t offer Early Access, as promised, that I missed out on Twistoid and Rotar  – one of the only things from the line not in my collection.

With such a sour taste in my mouth, especially with how the line declined in quality over the past year, the lack of information, and then finally seeing the final nail in the coffin with Matty ending their site and licensing MOTU over to Super 7 to (possibly) continue Classics, why in the hell would I want to give them more of my money? The answer is I wanted to support such a different approach to Masters of the Universe collecting and those behind it.

I don’t collect Barbies or anything along these lines. I’ve admired the Barbie-style/super-hero collaborations that have happened in the past, but I just could never see myself getting any. But when I finally saw all the pictures for this She-Ra figure, I was very curious to see it in hand. Not only did I not expect for it to be really awesome in person, but the detailing on the clothing, the packaging, and the little extras for a $75 US price point (considering I collect Sideshow and Hot Toys figures), really impressed me.

First off, the packaging is HUGE. I was not expecting how big of a box this would come in. There’s protection and then there’s simply outdoing yourself with a presentation. This was the people behind themselves outdoing themselves with what they put together.

The outer “mailer box” has some amazing artwork with a Filmation thowback to it, mixed with a little bit of how the MOTUC figures looked. The colours are so vibrant and the art is so amazing, I have NO idea how anyone would toss this out. I’ve bought two, so I’m giving all the extra packaging to my bro-in-law who will display it in his man-garage-cave.


On the inside is another box featuring a more-realistic She-Ra riding on Swiftwind. On the back, another cartoon-like She-Ra with a little back story and the credits for those who helped bring this figure to life. I LOVE when companies give these people props as it’s a great pat on the back and I think would lift a company’s morale. You’re just not a cog in the system, you’re a part of a team.

Once again, I have no idea why anyone would throw this box out because….

…on this side, the presentation is also amazing. The same She-Ra is on the left on a different, vibrant background. What’s that in the bottom corner? A NEW comic book! I’m not going to spoil any of it all for you, though, but I will say that the artwork is fantastic and leaves the door open for more! More! MORE!

On this right side is She-Ra in front of Castle Grayskull, holding her sword aloft. The cape is out and she is posed as she should be. It’s such a breathtaking moment opening this and seeing it for the first time as, like I said, I really wasn’t expecting this to be as bad assed as it is.  The Castle Grayskull is 3-D so the pillars on either side stick out a bit and the castle front also pops out.

I’m only nit-picking, but wouldn’t it have been cool to see some effect surrounding the sword? Maybe for the one I’m keeping in the box for my daughter (and myself, who am I kidding here? I’m a collector) could feature some shiny tinsel that used on Christmas trees as a magical effect.

The figure is in the 1/6th scale, or roughly 12″ for those wondering.


The reason the two pillars of Castle Grayskull come out a bit are because of all the extra accessories this figure comes with. They are all protected and are firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about any damage.

Taking all the items, including She-Ra, out of the box, wasn’t an ordeal. Things were packed well, but I didn’t sense that anything would break while taking getting everything out. One thing I will mention is that at first I had no idea that there was a clamp for the stand. I couldn’t figure out why there was just a pole as it made no sense. I went back to double check as I was getting ready to store the box for my bro-in-law, and there it was, taped in the middle behind the Grayskull picture.


Here’s a breakdown of everything she comes with: She-Ra has her sword, a shield, display stand (with a clamp I found almost after I finished my video review and after I finished all my pics), and her classic headpiece. I took a close-up pic of the the silver sword just for everyone to take a look at.

On the bottom left, she has her “Starburst” (if that’s what I remember you call it) outfit. The dress, cape, sword, gauntlets and headpiece all match each other well.

On the bottom right, you can see she comes with the outfit for her alter-ego, Adora who is captain of the guard. It includes her main body outfit, gauntlets, and boots. In the picture I also included the two extra sets of hands. I show them more up close in my video.

I will say that changing all the outfits is pretty easy to do and I had no difficulty even though this was the first time I really changed outfits on a doll. I said in my video that when I put on the boots for her Adora persona, there was a little stretching on one side. That’s minimal as I only did it for this pictorial and video review and will keep her displayed as she came in the box until my daughter is old enough to say she wants it and I give in.

The figure, out of the packaging is so well done. Her main outfit, as all the others, have such great care put into them and the stitching/tailoring for a $75 figure blew my mind. I’ve said it already but I was NOT expecting this level of care and detail at all.

The articulation is in the neck (and the head easily pops on and off for removing the cape), the shoulders, just below the shoulders, the elbows, the writs, the waist (a swivel), the upper thigh, the knees, the ankles, and around the toes. You’ll be able to get a plethora of poses out of this figure!

The head sculpt is nicely done. There aren’t any derpy eyes and she seems to look straight ahead for the figure I took out, although the one I kept mint is even more spot on. Her left eye, to me, is off just a fraction, but it some pictures it makes her look like she’s seeing something off to the side.

The rooted hair is firm and there is a lot of it! When I started my video review I wasn’t going to brush it out, but as I started doing more posing and eventually changing the costumes, I figured, what the hell. I got the brush I got from my Hot Toys’ Chewbacca figure, got a beer, cranked some Meshuggah, and proceeded to try and brush it out for about ten minutes. No, I didn’t text anyone or Tweet that I was doing so. After I did it, holy shit, what a difference and it seemed like there was even more hair. If only mine was so thick and luscious when I was a teen a grew mine out (ok, it WAS luscious, but just not thick – HA!).

Here’s She-Ra posed a few ways in her standard outfit. I had no problem standing her on her own. I would have like to have her look down just a tad more with her neck articulation, but then again, I never know what to expect with this type of female toy body.

Here’s a pose with her shield. I love the design and such a big piece turned out well. I mentioned it in my video, but the shield, as well as her two headpieces, have a clamp that sits snugly, but I’m sure could easily snap if you’re using too much force or keep taking items off and on over time. They would be the only things I would be careful with when changing looks for the figure.

Here’s She-Ra in the “Starburst” outfit. I’m glad they included it for those who dig that look, but I’m not a big fan. Maybe it’s how I put the outfit on, but it doesn’t seem as symmetrical or crafted as well as her vintage look.

Here’s another pose and a close up of posing her tiara/headpiece with it down around her eyes. It’s a great look although I won’t be displaying her with this piece.

Here’s She-Ra as Adora. I think the outfit looks OK, but it looks damn right in the crotch area and she’s a little bit bulgy there. I’m not sure Adora/She-Ra would want to run around fighting the bad guys with that kind of discomfort, but what do I know?

I will say that with this much attention to the Adora outfit (and the excellent choice of putting a place for the sword on the back), I’m surprised with didn’t get a pistol and a pistol holder on her belt. My apologies for the picture without her belt on straight. I didn’t notice until importing the picture for this piece.

Here’s a little comparison of the original MOTUC She-Ra figure and this one. I don’t have any others, except for the other variants in the MOTUC line. Once again, after putting this outfit back on, I didn’t line the belt up perfectly, but it’s easy to do so.


To end this, and before anyone looks at the video review, I’m glad I took the plunge and purchased this. Supporting Masters of the Universe, including Princess of Power’s main lady, is essential to show the toy makers out there that there is a demand for the product. As 2016 closes (and we’ve seen the majority of MOTU product – or lack thereof – from SDCC), our voices need to be heard. Check Mattycollector’s site (as of the time of writing this – on August, Monday the 15th) to get any stock that is left and use the hashtag #wewantmoreshera on Twitter to spread the love.

Props to Garrett Sander and the crew for this figure. You impressed someone who wouldn’t normally buy something like this.


Here’s my video review!