WWE Smackdown Live Thoughts – August 9, 2016


Source: wwe.com

If WWE Creative don’t want to put the effort into promoting their upcoming Summerslam PPV in an effective manner, OR put the effort into writing a good program, I’m not wasting my time going on in this article about it.

Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio was advertised before the show. While it was interesting to see Del Rio get disqualified for hitting Orton with a chair, trying to play up the shoulder injury Orton just came back from, it was just boring and I currently have no interest in anything these two do in or out of the ring.

I predicted last week that Ambrose and Ziggler would be teaming up against The Wyatts and it happened. The match was OK and you knew that with Ziggler accidentally laying out Ambrose out in the opening segment the favour would be returned later on in the show. After the poor Wyatts were beat yet again, it happened setting up the go-home show next week before Summerslam.

Speaking of The Wyatts, does it matter any more (or this whole year) anything Bray Wyatt says or any match he or his cronies are in? They never win, they never win, and they always drop the ball when it matters (well, WWE Creative does). Until they take out major players non-stop for a couple of months straight and win some gold, it doesn’t matter.

A cool idea would be them to dominate winning the tag-team belts, and the WWE Championship by recruiting a few new members NWO style but keeping them evil and no joking around. Build them up to be the biggest threat to Smackdown as a show and the roster – leading up to Shane and Daniel Bryan asking for help from Raw when it’s time for one of the big four PPVs. I can only dream.

I’m surprised that Carmella and Alexa Bliss picked up wins against the more familiar wrestlers (Natalya and Becky Lynch, respectively). Becky is getting booked to look like an easily distracted idiot where she needs to be portrayed differently. Natalya tapping out to Carmella also takes away her heel heat coming into Smackdown. As well, keep Carmella off the mic for a while. Whoa, that’s some bad shit.

American Alpha got the win in the squash match they should have had last week, and not at the expense of the Vaudevillains, but I think WWE really exposed how bad of an idea it was to split up tag wrestling as having all the teams come out during the American Alpha match shows how the SD division is lacking in bodies and fan interest. They should have kept the tag team division on one show where the Cruiserweights are on another.

No AJ Styles, no Cena (yeah, I can’t believe I wrote that), bland writing, awful Miz segments, and predictability made this as bland or worse than Monday’s Raw. With one show each left until Summerslam, WWE better sell the show and really focus on bringing new and fresh ideas to TV after Summerslam, as it seems we’re back to the same old, same old.