Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice: Crita

This month’s Masters of the Universe Collector’s Choice figure came a bit late, but that seems to be the trend as Mattycollector and the people running it seem to care less and less as the line is winding down and heading over to the people at Super 7.

Crita comes highly anticipated for many people who love the New Adventures of He-Man cartoon. While I’ve really liked the majority of the figures the Four Horsemen have sculpted of charters from this show, I’ve still not gotten through one episode of the cartoon. I can’t stand it. I hate the animation, the voice acting, and the thought of it in the overall “lore” of MOTU. I don’t know anything about Crita but when she was revealed, I welcomed her as I find her more interesting than some of the She-Ra/Princess of Power figures I’ve gotten in the past.

Suffice to say, although the prototype looked great, this one differs from it a bit in colour and final sculpt. I think it’s a really good looking figure, but the design crew in charge of this figure fucked it up big time and it’s probably now at the bottom of my list of figures for the year. Why? I’ll get to that in a second.

Just to start off, you can see Crita is in the standard MOTUC packaging without a bio on the back. I’m still ticked that someone couldn’t get off their lazy ass and write a paragraph about the figure or her involvement in the Masters of the Universe, uh, Universe. As someone who knows quite a bit about the whole realm of MOTU, a bio for this figure would have really helped me as I’m not going to go back and watch New Adventures to find out more about her. If someone reading this would like to add stuff in the comment section, please do so.

The figure in and out of the packaging looks great. Her hair from the front looks pretty good, but overall, I think it may be too much. From the back it looks massive. The body is the standard female buck and has the same articulation as the other figures from the past few years….except it doesn’t. Why?

Whoever designed and green-lit this figure should be hit with a bat. Perhaps I’m being over the top there, but who in their right mind would allow a figure to be released with this cape thing hanging off her forearms and therefore hindering the posing and articulation? It makes no sense to me. When I took this figure out of the package and saw how the cape thing was attached and prevented me from posing her, I threw out many f-bombs and creative swear combinations. I just couldn’t believe this shit. I am still on the fence about whether or not I’m going to take an knife and just cut it free or just leaving her on my shelf as a “hey, guys! You have to see the stupidest design choice I’ve seen all year” conversation piece.

Mattycollector, being the poster-boys for quality control with figures this year (and I say that sarcastically), also sent me a figure with some great paint slop on it. You think this is bad, wait until I post my pictures of Despara. I’m not dealing with Digital River for this, but I think I will for Despara, and you’ll see why in that review.

Back to something positive: the face sculpt. I think it’s beautiful and although her nose seems crooked at the bottom, the eyes and symmetry seem spot on. I’m going to have to check other people’s sites and pictures over at the ‘Org to see if her nose is like that for all figures, or just mine that I took out and my MIP figure. For a female that’s supposed to be aligned with the Space Mutant faction and a bad guy, she doesn’t look remotely evil.


As for the accessories, we get a staff, an elongated staff and some kind of Super-Soaker weapon. As I said, I’ve never watched any New Adventures episodes with Crita in them, so I have no idea of her wand morphs or has specific powers at all.  At least the staff has some paint apps on it, as many weapons in the Collector’s Choice series haven’t so far – something that still pisses me off when paying a lot of money for these figures.

As well, I have no idea what the other weapon is. It looks like a Super-Soaker water gun to me and my disdain for the figure after getting it out of the package makes me lack any ambition to research about it. The lack of colour or any paint apps on it just make it look even more pathetic.

Below, Crita hopes you have your bathing suit on as she’s going to soak you.

I added a few extra shots of her with her wand weapon. This is basically the reach of her arms because it’s attached to the cape. What a boneheaded decision.

By far, this is one of the most disappointing figures of the year for me. The design choice about the cape makes me shake my head, the huge water gun thing is ugly, the hair seems  too big, and I have no personal connection to the character. She’ll look fine on the shelf with my other figures, but I can’t see myself really doing too much with this figure once it’s posed as good as I can get it with that awful cape attached to her forearms. Consider me disappointed.