WWE Raw Thoughts – August 8, 2016


Source: wwe.com

After a disappointing Raw last week, I was hoping to see some energy leading into Summerslam and hoping the lull after the amazing episode after the draft was just WWE creative sinking resources into Smackdown to kick it into high gear. I actually fell asleep during the show last night.

I love, or at least really used to love, watching WWE Raw in the summer as I don’t have to work the next day in the summer months, so I can enjoy some frosties and just sink into the couch to be entertained. Last night, though, bored me to tears. I couldn’t believe that NOTHING, like NOTHING happened in the first hour that meant anything – especially for Summerslam.

Yeah we got Cass and Enzo challenging Jericho and Kevin Owens to a match at Summerslam. It’ll probably be entertaining, but really won’t do much for any of them. We also got Sasha Banks talking herself into a stupid stipulation that if she didn’t beat Dana Brook (which she did in a decent match), she’d face both her and Charlotte at Summerslam, a Strowman squash match, and another quick match between Darren Young and Titus O’Neil. Boring.

The next hour started off with a Seth Rollins promo. You’re telling me that you’re trying to promote the biggest PPV of the summer and his opponent, Finn Balor, doesn’t even make an appearance in the ring? What garbage. As well, you can tell the majority of the fans still don’t want to boo Rollins. It’s so clear still, especially in the awful wedding celebration segment that featured Rusev, Lana, and Reigns, that WWE Creative should have turned Reigns heel and Rollins face. It is one of the stupidest booking decisions of the year. Both men in reversed rolls could have written stories themselves.

Rollins could be going against Rusev as a face for the US Championship and put so much value behind the title. On the flip side, turning Reigns heel and having Balor face him at Summerslam, with even Reigns coming out on top as a heel, would put more heat on Reigns than ever imagined. Or with Balor coming out as the underdog winning would cement him as an over babyface and crowd favourite. Instead, we’re getting Rollins/Balor and Rusev/Reigns for Summerslam. I wish someone over at WWE would read this, email me and say, “holy fuck! You’re right!!! How did we miss something so obvious?!? Come work for us.”

As well, how much talk of Big E’s balls and testicle jokes can we get in one show? This is embarrassing. Vince McMahon (and his yes men) should be ashamed. Who fucking cares in this day and age? I feel bad for The Club having to recite the lines they did and have to dress up as doctors. F that crap.

We have a brand split and Cesaro has to do double duty AND Sheamus needs to be involved in both outings? I think Sheamus really needs to reinvent himself. I’m guessing we’ll see these two again next week on Raw or a Summerslam match/pre-show match.

Speaking of Cesaro, didn’t he just shoot a few weeks ago during the draft interviews saying how we should be watching the show for the wrestlers and their stories and not the management? Funny how we got a segment with Mick Foley, GM of Raw, and Daniel Bryan, GM of Smackdown. For what? There was no point to it. It was a waste of time and robbing the talent of performing. They could have given time to Sami Zayn, who was a part of one of the best matches of the year only a few weeks ago. Un-fucking-believeable.

I’ll end with saying that the Orton/Lesnar package, while decent, still does nothing for me to get interested in their upcoming match. Lesnar dropping f-bombs and looking like a tough ass but not acknowledging Orton’s doping comment is still ridiculous. I hope Smackdown is better tonight, like how it kicked Raw‘s ass last week.