Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Evil-Lyn

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Rewind” feature. It’s not that I’m neglecting the line now after hearing Mattycollector is shutting down and that Super 7 w/The Four Horsemen will be continuing the line in some form. I’ve been out and about and have had guests, AND my daughter’s first bday so I’ve been pretty busy!

I’m going to wait to see what’s proposed by Super 7 before passing judgement as I could go into a whole article about this but I will say, good riddance to DR and Matty’s way of doing things since Toyguru left. Ok, I said my piece! This is supposed to be about Evil-Lyn

Evil-Lyn was released on April 19th, 2010, and she lasted about six minutes before she sold out. I think she’s still one of the most sought after figure for many collectors who missed out in the early days of collecting this line.

Similar packaging is featured with a new bio. I liked the take on her real name with “Evelyn” being close to “Evil-Lyn,” although I could have done without the “Powers” at the end. I’m glad they mentioned how she started plotting against Skeletor and how she was powerful enough to help Hordak and King Hssss.

The head sculpt for Evil-Lyn is fantastic. I think they really captured the classic look while adding a bit more of a modern look to her face and the headpiece. I love the skull being so defined on the top of her helmet as well.

Evil-Lyn features the same body as Teela and The Goddess. The colours are all swapped out, just like the vintage figure, although some people complained that she should be a brighter yellow. I’m happy with what we got and thought all the colours chosen for her were pretty good.

Two of the three accessories she comes with are a throwback to the vintage figure: her magic staff and the same shield as Teela, but in Evil-Lyn’s colour scheme.  The knife, from what I remember, is a nod to the 200X figure.  You really have to dig the skull on the top of the knife.  One thing I didn’t take a photo of, is how the magic staff can actually be separated at the top and popped onto a smaller base/handle but you can see that in the packaging of the figure.

Just like Teela, Evil-Lyn comes with a bird companion – Screech. The bird and its armour is the same as Zoar, who came with Teela but just in a different colour. I’m glad that they included both birds in the line in a smaller scale. I didn’t dig how big they were in the vintage line and it makes more sense having them in this scale.

Evil-Lyn is great for posing in battle and magic-casting stances. She was a character that certainly needed to be included in the line sooner than later. It’s the yin to the yang analogy, I suppose.

Below is a comparison shot just to show to people the reuse of Teela’s body to make Evil-Lyn – just like in the original, vintage line. It just dawned on me that Evil-Lyn may have jaundice.


I was pumped knowing that we were getting Evil-Lyn so early in the line. I mean, it was only a matter of time knowing we’d have her in our collections after they made Teela, but sometimes the villains are more popular than the heroes, and Evil-Lyn could easily be classified as that by many of the MOTU community.  She’s a bad ass across all media platforms throughout the years and has always been portrayed as a strong female character – and that’s certainly an appeal factor to many people.  With so much reuse of an existing figure, you’d have a hard time convincing people that it’s an entirely different character, and here I am, over six years after getting this figure in hand, saying that Evil-Lyn has that persona and is successful pulling off the ol’ reuse sans a different head.