Mint in Box – Conan the Barbarian figures by NECA Toys Part Two!

I took a look at a few of the figures from the Conan the Barbarian line from NECA Toys a few weeks ago. It’s time to take a quick look at the others to finish this off in the name of Crom!

For Series 2, and the only figure in the series, NECA decided to do another Pit Fighter variant. I talked more about the pit fight in the first look at these figures, so I’m not going into it again. The packaging is also similar in looks and features.

Once again, the likeness is pretty spot on, but still has some nuisances where people can nit-pick. For me, again, the face looks a little too long but other than that, the costume and details on it and the weapons (and accessories) are pretty spot on.

I will say in this extra paragraph, just to get the point across, how much I love the blood that’s splattered on his legs and parts of his arm. This look makes the figure way more interesting.

The last figure, as far as I know, is this series three figure. I don’t know why NECA only release one figure for a “series” for two and three, but I don’t know toy marketing or what was originally planned.

Same thing goes for this figure: same packaging, a write-up on the back, and unit between all the figures in the series.

This particular figure come from Conan’s pose come from near the end of the movie when he is fighting the two main henchmen of Thusa Doom. The pose is iconic just like the soundtrack, so as mentioned before, go back to my first look at the figures for more info on that.

I know I didn’t have that much to really say in this write-up as I kind of blew my load talking about Conan and the movie in the first article looking at the first two series of figures. This movie will always resonate with me and it’s disappointing that we got no one else in this line. I would have wanted all the supporting characters AND Thusla Doom  – but I’m sure likeness rights cost a lot of money and it didn’t happen because of that. For these figures, thought, many props to NECA!