Han Solo and Chewbacca Sixth Scale Figure Set by Hot Toys


It’s been a long time coming. I’ve had this set for a few months and while I was on a roll for a bit with the other Hot Toys/Sideshow figures (as well as with music, my Masters of the Universe Rewind features, and family/work), I didn’t get around to getting to filming a review of these figures, taking lots of pictures and writing this review up until now.

I knew it was going to be a large undertaking as there is so much that comes with them and when you look at a set, you’re also taking time to talk/write about two figures. Without any further excuses or BS, I’m diving right in.

The packaging is similar to the other Star Wars Hot Toys figures I’ve looked at already, which is great for those keeping these mint in the box. On the back, there are credits to those who helped make these figures and get them out to us. I love that they do that.

On the inside, there’s a collage featuring the figures. I think when I get enough of these, I may frame them to display as they are so well done. In the last picture, you can see the plastic trays the figures were shipped in and where the accessories go. These were packed very well and tight. You’ll need to be careful as if you’re just going to try and rip the plastic away from some of the parts of the figures, you may damage them.

I’ll take a look at all the accessories these guys come with first. It is actually unbelievable as there are so many! Perhaps that’s because it is a set of two figures and if you’ve seen my review of Luke and what he includes (link below), it should almost be expected. Nonetheless, it’s still amazing to see. For anyone wondering, for figures that come with a shit-load of accessories, I’ve started just putting the extra accessories from my figures and putting them in labeled baggies.

Han Solo has 5 pair of interchangeable hands!! That’s a lot for many different variations of posing.  He also comes with his trusty blaster pistol, a “droid caller” communication device from the movie, his communication headset from the Millennium Falcon, and a separate piece for his head that fits this properly on his head.

For Chewbacca, he has two pair of hands, his Bowcaster, and another communication headset from the Millennium Falcon. It sounds funny but there’s also a brush included to help you brush Chewie’s hair and so you can get him to look exactly how you’d like. No shampooing or conditioning required!

The exclusives for buying these figures in the set include: a Stormtrooper belt and blaster rifle for Han, and a heavy blaster for Chewie. Both figures also include stands that are in the same style as those that came with Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Princess Leia.


Below are more pictures of the accessories for a closer look. For some reason, I didn’t take any pics of the Stormtrooper blaster as it was off to the side and I forgot about it. I guess it was to the side. It’s featured in the video below, though. I may try and add the pics soon. My apologies.

Chewie’s brush, Han’s extra hairpiece and the instruction books

Make sure you read these if you get these figures and it shows you how to attach and take off certain pieces. These are all really fragile, so don’t mess around.

The exclusive blaster rifle

This is a fantastic piece but I just don’t seem myself ever posing Chewie with it. I didn’t even do it for this feature or the video review.

The Millennium Falcon headsets and the exclusive Stormtrooper belt

These headsets seem pretty fragile, but are very well made with exceptional detail. The Stormtrooper belt is like the one that came with Luke, but has the holder for the Stormtrooper blaster.

The spare hands for Han and Chewie along with the stands

All of these are for all your many display options. I like that the figures can easily stand on their own, but having the stand for extra stability is always welcome. In my display case, I use them.


Chewbacca’s Bowcaster

I said in my video review you have to be REALLY careful with this thing. The binocular sight pieces are really prone to breaking off and the string across the Bowcaster could probably be snapped easily. I don’t even like looking at it wrong as it’ll snap just to spite me.


The “Droid Communicator” device and Han Solo’s blaster.

While I was reviewing this in my video, I couldn’t remember that this was a communication device. Well, that’s what I get for doing things without a script. This item, and the blaster, feature such magnificent sculpts and attention to detail from the source material, it needs to be applauded (as with everything with these figures).

Now, let’s get down to looking at the MAN. Yeah, Han Solo is the MAN. I’m not going into The Force Awakens where he should have known better when confronting his son, but I mean, he shot Greedo first, so that solidifies him as a badass. Fuck Lucas’ revision for the Special Editions.



Hot Toys’ take on Han Solo is borderline perfection. Yes, if you’re looking at this figure vs. movie stills, I’m sure you can nit-pick and find things that they didn’t match 100%, but do you really need to do that? I know we’re all looking for the “ultimate” edition of a figure or character – something that captures their likeness and character to a tee.  I think of this figure as close to whate we’re going to get for a while. I can’t see it getting better until 3D printing becomes THE go to thing instead of sculpting by hand.

The outfit is so delicate and so well crafted. I said in my video, and I feel bad for saying it again, but the outfit he wears is better quality and has more attention given to it than some of the stuff people in this world have access to or wear. I think my wife would say that it’s better quality than most of the metal T-shirts I wear.

The articulation of the figure, like most of the Star Wars toys from Hot Toys, have great articulation and the clothing really doesn’t hinder any of it too much. The head, neck, shoulders, elbows, writs, abdominal area, knees, and ankles are all moveable. Fantastic stuff! This goes for Chewbacca, too! The joints are tight and you shouldn’t worry about anything breaking because they’re too tight or the figure not being able to pose correctly because the articulation is too loose. Once again, that goes for Chewy, too.

I think this is one of the best Han Solo/Harrison Ford sculpts I’ve ever seen and I’m not sure if we’re going to get a better one in a long time. In some of my pics, it looks like he’s got too much darkness underneath his eyes. I attribute that to my amateur photo background. In hand, he’s amazing (or hopefully for some of you, these pics do the figure justice).

With the clothing and outfit being so outstanding and of a high quality, the other pieces being phenomenal aren’t too much of a surprise – but then again – it is as the attention to detail put into this stuff that blows my mind. The boots, belt, and pistol holder are all made of the faux leather material and it’s actually hard to tell it’s not real leather (to me, anyway, as I probably have no expertise with differentiating). The little accents show the care put into these figures.

It’s also cool to see that the little belt flap on the pistol holder piece is actually held in place by the smallest of magnets.

Han Solo’s blaster is fantastic and pays homage to the source material . You have to be delicate getting it into his hand as you don’t want to mess up the finger on the trigger hand or the blaster itself. I’ve left mine in for display purposes after putting it in and taking it out a few times to minimize any damage or warping. I don’t want to pose Han Solo without his gun, so the majority of his other hands aren’t really needed for me, at least until the Millennium Falcon Cockpit comes out and I remortgage my house to get it.

So you can see, just for fun, here is the head sculpt when you take the headpiece for Han Solo off.


This brings me to Chewbacca. Oh, Hot Toys, how I thank you for a figure like this. I dig Han Solo and he is amazing, but to see a Chewie figure like this before I go to the maggot motel is simply breathtaking. Never in my years of collecting Star Wars figures would I ever imagine getting toys/figures of this caliber.

I love how this figure of Chewbacca turned out. People have been on the net talking about how it’s not 100% accurate with the fur or how some of this mouth positioning is off. I don’t give a shit about what others say as I bought this set based on the prototypes and I like what I received.  If this was even 20% different than what we were shown, then maybe I’d have a problem. 40% and maybe I’d send the set back for a refund. The minute details some are bitching about aren’t even worth the worries.

If you have that much money to spend on figures, yes, I understand you want your money’s worth and not anything but perfection, but look at it in the greater scheme of things: we got an amazing Chewbacca figure. Hell, others may look better on their sites because they got the art of combing Chewie’s hair right, getting the look exactly like the pics on Hot Toys’ promo pics, or in the movie. I don’t have that kind of time, so I made him look as cool as I could and maybe a bit “metal.”

I have no issues with Chewbacca’s facial sculpt. Would it have been possible to add any articulation to his jaw? I’m not sure as I don’t know the logistics involved and how it would have affected any of the sculpting or the hair placement. I like the mouth pose and how his eyes are, but after taking these pictures, I can see how some may think the mouth is out a little too much. For most of us, posing these with a straight-on view, it’s not that much of an issue.

His articulation is basically the same as Han’s as mentioned before. His bag also has the faux leather and the buckles and straps. While they stay in place it’s just awesome how it shows more great attention to detail. And those feet – so furry, so fuzzy, so spot on!

His bandolier has removable bits, but I’m unsure why you’d take them out or replace them from the position they’re already in. His Bowcaster weapon fits snugly in his hand, but while placing it in his hand, I’ve broken off the binocular piece – twice. It was a clean break so you have to be even more careful than I was (and I thought I was being careful).

If I could play Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” to the picture below for some extra enjoyment for you all, I would!  Maybe the “Theme from Peter Gunn” could work here, too!  I don’t know why. Like I said in my “About” section of my page, I’m random.

The headsets fit snugly on both their heads, especially with the extra hair piece they included for Han Solo. At first I thought it was odd that they included such pieces with the figures but it makes much more sense now with the Millennium Falcon Cockpit set coming out in the future.


I said it in my video and I’ll say it here: this set, for me, was worth the money I spent on it. It’s such an amazing piece for my collection of action figures. I know many can’t get into this line or this kind of collecting because of the price. I never thought I would either. With the payment plans, budgeting, and skimping back on a few other collectibles or audio upgrades I want to do, it is feasible for me.

If you’re ever sitting on the fence on whether or not to dive in with a line such as this that Hot Toys (and Sideshow Collectibles) provides, it only takes one purchase to make a believer out of you that the money you pay for these is actually worth it. If I felt the same way about hydro here in Ontario, maybe I’d feel better about paying those bills, but that’s another story. Fantastic figures, Hot Toys!!!!