Club Grayskull – Skeletor Review


“M’yah, He-Man! Where is your strength? Where has it gone? Look at your precious Sorceress – now grown weak… withering… dying. Are you ready to kneel now, proud warrior?” Ok…you probably prefer Skeletor saying, “Come in, you royal Boob!” 

The third figure for the Club Grayskull line, that features figures in the MOTUC scale but based off their look in the 80s classic Filmation cartoon is none other than Skeletor! You’d think he would have been released right after He-Man, but they chose Trap Jaw first. I guess good things come to those who wait, right? And boy did I wait for this as he was delayed just a bit and of course, throw in always waiting a month for my figures to arrive.

Skeletor is in the same packaging as the other two figures I reviewed in this line. I didn’t take a picture of the Castle Grayskull slipcover as it’s exactly the same as the others so you can reference my other reviews for that.

The description on the back is the same, too. I really miss having a unique bio/write-up the back. The graphic of Skeletor seems a little bit off to me as well. The top of his head doesn’t look right and the Havoc Staff seems to bend after it leaves his hand. Maybe it’s just me.

Out of the packaging, you can see that the buck is the same as the figures before him (and the Classics figures). The paint apps to any of Skeletor and his armour is almost nil. There are no accents as the rationale is that they’re trying to stay true to the look of the cartoon. I can understand that but these are so much money that the money they’re saving on the paint apps, we should be getting a bit more, especially with what we got with some MOTUC figures for close to the same price.

As you can see with my figure, the back loin piece on Skeletor came with some damage. It’s minimal and something I’m not bothering dealing with Digital River with to get a “mint” out of the package figure. At least he doesn’t have the derpy eyes that other figures have succumbed to. Wait a minute….

The figure’s body articulation is the same that we’re had up to this point with the exception that Skeletor has the extra wrist articulation that He-Man has (and the one hand on Trap Jaw that I failed to mention in my review of him). I love that these figures have this added articulation so I wonder why they aren’t just applying it to all the figures in the MOTUC Collector’s Choice line.

What makes Skeletor the “Filmation” Skeletor is his facial appearance, or should I say the appearance of his skull. I think that the Four Horsemen nailed it. There is no doubt that this is Skeletor in all his cartoon glory. Anyone who is a fan of the cartoon who has seen this figure in my house bust out in their best Skeletor impressions, so the figure has provided some great entertainment in my house.

This is a figure that thousands of Masters of the Universe fans and collectors have been wanting for year. Yes, they nailed the skull sculpt, but with how advance modern action figures are, here are my gripes: the jaw should have had some sort of articulation and the inside of the hood should have been painted black. There. Easy. Done. The paint on the face is just a little sloppy in some areas, but not so much that it bothers me. You only really notice it up close.

If it would have cost me another two or even five dollars more to get this figure and have it perfected, then why wouldn’t they have went that extra mile (or here in Canada – kilometre)? Yes, they were trying to entice subscriptions with a lower figure price-point, but with the MOTUC Collector’s Choice line, we’re paying for figures with more deco, more paint apps, and more accessories (although those are lacking paint). I could live without the articulated jaw, but the inside of the hood should have been painted black.



The new ankles have been a big point of discussion and hate for this line. While they are a tad bit better looking than the ones on He-Man from some angles, from the side they still look a bit ugly. You can get so many great poses using this extra articulation, but I didn’t need to utilize them. I wish they were like the older ankles to make them more aesthetically pleasing, but most people won’t even notice them when they’re on your shelf.

The accessories he comes with are his trusty Havoc Staff and Energy Blade. There have been people bitching and complaining about the 100% accuracy of the Staff, but I think it looks almost perfect and no one except the people that have nothing else to do with their lives will nit-pick the slight inaccuracies (of which, I don’t know as I’m fine with how it turned out and not wasting precious moment of my life comparing numerous animated stills).

The Energy Blade is based off the sword Skeletor was carrying in the old 80s mini-comics that came with the figures that were drawn by Alfredo Alcala. I think it’s a great bonus accessory and I’m glad the handle has some extra paint on it, as I’ve been missing ANY paint apps on the weapons from the MOTUC CC series.

I decided to take a picture of Skeletor with the Diamond Ray of Disappearance – an accessory that came with Lizard Man a few years ago (yes, I’ll eventually get to him in my “Rewind” feature), which is based of off the Filmation episode of the same name. You have to love the forward thinking of The Four Horsemen sculpting accessories that were bonuses that now are totally relevant with figures they’re releasing today. I’d buy them all shots for this decision.


For shits and giggles, here is a picture of the Club Grayskull and the MOTUC Skeletor that was released back in 2009. As well, I decided to take a pic of the three amigos that have been released in the Club Grayskull line so far just to try and get them to hug it out.

Although my complaints with this figure are few, but in my mind justified, I’m happy with this figure. To be able to hold this figure in my hand and placing on my shelf after 30 years of waiting for something like this makes me very appreciative. I think the majority of the Masters of the Universe community agrees with me. I can’t wait for Beast Man, who will be released in August (but I won’t probably get until September sometime because of f’n Digital River and their garbage shipping so you’ll have to wait to see him appear on the site). M’YAH!!!!!