WWE Raw Thoughts: July 4, 2016


Source: wwe.com

Hopefully this will be another brief quick look back at yesterday’s show seeing how, once again, not too much happened.First off, the beginning of the show with the “food fight” was not fun for me, nor was it amusing. This kind of skit makes me ashamed to watch the product.  This segment, along with another match that got announced for the show, suspends the disbelief I have (and that they want the audience to have) when you watch WWE programming.

You’re telling me that we’re supposed to look at the wrestlers and their story lines during the night in the same light after we see many people on the roster eating together, being in the same room together and then laughing while having a food fight? Ridiculous!

The second thing that I hated about the show that suspended the disbelief is SOMEONE booked a match featuring USA born wrestlers and wrestlers who have been born out of the USA (or at least play a character who has) competing in a match against each other just so WWE can show that the USA is #1?

The pep talk by The Big Show was a bunch of shit that Vince McMahon and his crew write to get the crowed to buy into the “USA is the best and nothing else in the world matters” mentality that many are sucked into. At least Kevin Owens played up the part of him not wanting to be on a team with someone he is feuding with. You’re going to tell me that after we’ve seen Kalisto vs. Del Rio in the past year, these two are perfectly fine teaming just because?  I hated all of it.

Moving onto something more positive, I really liked the promo by Charlotte this week and how her and Sasha Banks traded words. I think Charlotte is getting way better on the mic and this is the feud that many have been waiting for for a long time in the Women’s Division.  Too bad this was done on a throw-away USA holiday episode.

Another great thing WWE did this week were the vignettes featuring The Wyatt Family. The writing and the production on them alone made me think that they could pull off some kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre style movie with these characters. It stood out from anything WWE has done in a long time and they really impressed me.

The Wyatts interacting with The New Day later on in the show was great as Kingston and Big E were trying to, once again, deflect any threat of another team with humour until Xavier Woods got really serious about how the Wyatts ARE a threat and why they should be scared. It worked well and when Woods suddenly dropped the mic and walked off, it made my interest in this story line rise.

The Cena/Styles interaction wasn’t as good this week as it was just a build to get Enzo and Cass into a tag match with Cena vs. The Club w/Styles at the Battleground PPV. I guess they really will be milking the Styles/Cena feud until Summerslam.

I hate those awful product placements where the superstars are hocking products. You really think Enzo and Cass eat that shit they were promoting? They’d have the shits.

The matches we got from The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler were really good TV matches – and even better than some of the other PPV matches from this year. Lots of props for them and how WWE Creative blended them to keep the feud between Ambrose and Rollins (and Reigns who was ripped apart verbally for his suspension again) a focal point of Battleground.

I’ll end saying that I feel sorry for The Vaudevillians, who were jobbed to The Golden Truth in less than three minutes. The rationale? I don’t know.  Do we really know the rationale for many of WWE’s decisions. If we did, we could explain piss poor choices.

As with last week’s blurb, if I didn’t mention it or someone in particular, that means WWE didn’t make it or them count.

**I’ll be on vacation next week, so I’m not sure if I’ll have my thoughts on Raw up (or even be able to watch it) until the end of next week.