Movie Maniacs Chucky by McFarlane Toys


Sometimes you get a gift and it blows you away. You totally remember who gave it to you and when you unwrapped it. For me, this is one of those gifts!

My sister and mom surprised me with this figure one Christmas when I was at my Nanny and Poppy’s place (that’s Grandma and Grandapa for some of you). I just remember it so vividly as I had no idea that this even existed as I wasn’t a privy to toy and action figure news on the Internet as I am now. All my news came from Toyfare magazine and they never featured or previewed this figure.

This figure is based off of the Child’s Play 2 movie appearance. This one is my favourite as I like Chucky with a clean look – not stitched up, not damaged – just a manacle, blood-thirsty Chucky.

The packaging for this figure is simply awesome. The figure is seen perfectly through the window box and the packaging features great artwork of the figure and the movie fonts. The back of the box features

I love the rooted hair on this figure. Although the figure’s face is really covered by it by keeping it in the packaging, I just don’t think a Chucky figure with plastic hair works, so this is OK with me.

His face is sculpted well for my liking as I don’t like a smiling Chucky, nor a sneering expression. This sculpt has that perfect look of a character meaning business, but nothing over the top, nor too innocent looking.

Chucky’s outfit translates very well into plastic with this figure. There are creases in the outfit that give it that cloth look. The sculpted buttons and straps also come across as more lifelike than plastic. The pants have more wrinkles to them and seem just a tad bit more overdone than the rest of the outfit.

Chucky comes with the knife that’s specific to the movie. The paint apps are pretty good and the knife has a great shine to it. The handle featuring the skull and crossbones is a nice touch as well.


Although I have written about the other Chucky figures I have from the Movie Maniacs line, this one is my favourite. I mean, there’s not much more to say about it than it’s a great 12″ figure and the likeness is great. It really distracts you from thinking that it’s all just cast in plastic due to the fantastic sculpting and, mainly, the rooted hair. There’s another Chucky coming out on the horizon by Mezco Toys and I think I may end of grabbing it, as it’s based off the very first movie; one movie that really doesn’t seem represented enough in figure form.