Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Moss Man

Anyone like toys that smell like Pine-Sol cleaner or the pungent smell of a forest full of pine trees? I do! The “Master of Camouflage,” Moss Man, made his Masters of the Universe Classics appearance on March 15, 2010. There were two versions of him (that I’ll explain about later) and both were only available for less than 10 minutes before they were gone!

Moss Man was special to a lot of people in their youth because his distinct feature: his flocked “moss” covering. Seeing how the Masters of the Universe line (vintage and MOTUC) both utilized the same bodies and parts, someone at Mattel thought up the Moss Man character and had the great idea of adding green flocking on a Beast Man body, spraying him with some kind of “pine” aroma, to create the new hero. There are many vintage Moss Man figures out there that still have that familiar smell on them, although it’s faint in most cases.


Moss Man is in the same packaging as the rest of the figures in the line and has his bio on the back, along with other figures that were previously available. In his bio, you read about how he often joined the Masters of the Universe to fight against evil, using his powers of fauna and flora.

As you can see from the body pics, this is definitely the Beast Man figure but with green flocking added to him. He features the same articulation and movement as Beast Man as well. While posing the joints, you will get some of the flocking material and smell on your hands or where you’re posing him. It’s not enough to make “bald patches,” but you do get some debris.

Where the figure differs a bit from the vintage one is with the heads included. Moss Man includes a head that is exactly the same as the Beast Man figure, except flocked like the rest of the figure. The alternate head he comes with is his new look inspired from the 200X MYP Cartoon. This way fans could display Moss Man how they liked him.

Not only were there two heads, but there was a change in the production run really early on. When some promo pics made it out on the Internet, Moss Man featured a head that had flocked ears, meaning they were covered in the same “moss” or “fur” Moss Man’s body had. Some fans really didn’t like this and were vocal because the choice of flocking the ears didn’t stay true to the vintage figure. Production was halted on the flocked ears Moss Man and the rest of the figures had clean ears.

When figures change in production runs and become more limited, their collect-ability rises. Mattycollector decided to put both versions up on their site but warned people that the Moss Man with the flocked ears was really limited. From what I remember, he sold out a few minutes quicker than the non-flocked one. I scored two of each as I thought it would be cool to have a more limited piece to keep MOC and display. You can see the different the different heads with the flocked ears and clean ears below.


As you can see with the head sculpt, the Beast Man/Moss Man head shows a more ferocious side of the character. In the cartoons, he was not portrayed as such an aggressive character.

With the 200X style head, he looks more like a gentle, but wise and enlightened character. The eyes, to me, really give off a mystical vibe. While taking these I realized the sculpt was almost simian in nature and reminded me of a Planet of the Apes style.

As for accessories, Moss Man comes with two: his trusty club covered in vines (great touch) and a satchel that is inspired from the 200X cartoon as well. The satchel is easy to remove for those wanting a pure vintage look on their shelves. I keep the satchel on both my figures as I think it’s a really cool touch/update.

Did I mention that Moss Man still has that nostalgic pine scent just like the original? Well, he does and although my figures have been out of the package for the last six years, his smell is still pretty strong when you take a whiff! He may freshen up even the worst bathrooms (unless you’re my buddy, Cotnam).

The Moss Man Men need to represent! Posing these two side by side, you could create your own cannon with one being THE Moss Man and perhaps another one of them being some kind of companion or follower.


Moss Man is a character many people who love the vintage line adore and he’s one of those figures that people who never collected the line seem to remember by prefacing conversations with, “remember that fuzzy He-Man toy that smelled like a tree?” It was interesting that this figure ended up with a rare variant and showed that Mattel, and Mattycollector back in the day, would take and incorporate feedback from fans. Stay Mossy, my friends!