WWE Raw Thoughts: June 27, 2016


Source: wwe.com

It’s been a crazy busy week at work and I watched a three hour Raw program where not too much happened, although we got two stellar match-ups. I know I say I’m going to be brief sometimes and I tend not to be, but today, I will be.Rollins coming out to address Reign’s suspension was great. I’m sure it was digging the knife into Reigns for fucking up, but the “shoot” aspect of it was all gone as soon as Rollings prompted the truck in the back to put up Reign’s tweet regarding the incident.

AJ Styles and Cena coming out saying that they wanted in the championship match at Battleground was a neat kick off to add some drama to the show, but you knew…you KNEW how the night would go: there would be interference in both matches that would further the Styles/Cena feud, and that’s what happened.

The part that made no sense during this whole intro was Stephanie McMahon coming out to play the heel, saying that Ambrose is an embarrassment as a champion. Where’s this coming from and why is she playing up the heel role against Ambrose for no reason? So the Authority didn’t want Reigns as champion and he’s more of an embarrassment than the person they didn’t want as champ, who ended up as champ and then is publicly ousted for violating a wellness policy? It makes NO sense.

The Cena vs. Rollins and Ambrose vs. Styles matches were pretty good and top matches to have on Raw, but the endings made me sour as I ponder who stupid the wrestlers must be to fall for the same shit over and over again instead of focusing on their matches. It takes me (and many) out of the disbelief you need to enjoy wrestling.

It was great to see Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch shine in their story lines. I’m looking forward to seeing more progressing if WWE Creative will give all the women time to shine.

I’m glad to see Titus O’Neil and Rusev continuing on with what looks like to be a month long feud. Let’s have them raise the bar with promos next week.

What sucked? A long Highlight Reel segment featuring Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn w/Jericho kinda did. Y2J  didn’t need to try and hog the spotlight away from a promo exchange that didn’t need a “host.” Owens and Zayn were passionate, but it went too long – and what more needs to be said now leading to Battleground that’s still over three weeks away.

Kane vs. The Miz? Why? Who cares!?!? Kane isn’t a threat or entertaining any more. I hope this doesn’t mean three more weeks of this.

The New Day and The Wyatts? These two clash and I don’t think I’ll buy into it, especially when there are others these two could feud with.

The Social Outcasts are back! Who cares? They’re glorified jobbers and a faction with no pull and broken promises (almost like the Wyatts).

Anything else that happened on the show that I didn’t mention here either sucked so much it’s out of my mind or I don’t even want to waste my time writing about it. Until next week….