Masters of the Universe Power-Con Exclusives (Part Two)



Today I’m continuing on with my look at the Power-Con exclusives I received late last week (part one featuring red Beast Man can be found HERE). This article will focus on Camo Khan and some extra treats that were packed into my box.

The story behind Camo Khan is he was a figure released in Argentina by Top Toys with the original name of “Kobra Khan Camuflado.” The figure blended the vintage Kobra Khan figure with Buzz Off’s arms/pincers. You can read about a few of the variants of this figure over at This figure was considered a huge rarity on the MOTU vintage line, so it was only fitting that he was a fan demanded variant. Thanks to The Power-Con, the MOTUC version was finally made available! Below is a shot of the vintage toy.


Vintage “Camo Khan”  Source:

Camo Khan, just like the red Beast Man, arrived in his own Power-Con mailer box and comes in the standard MOTUC packaging, the exclusive Power-Con logo on the side.

Camo Khan has a new bio just like red Beast Man that explains his funky new look, his new claws, and his powers. I think it’s a really cool new tale and really expands the character the his importance in the Masters’ Universe.

Seeing how I’m doing my MOTUC Rewind articles in the order that the figures were released, I haven’t gotten around to the regular Kobra Khan yet, so there isn’t an article for you to check on my site to reference, but there are many sites to check it out until I give my two cents on him. I did include a comparison shot at the end of the article, though.

Camo Kahn in on a regular body, but has a scaly middle torso that runs smoothly into his ab articulation.He also has the Buzz-Off arms/pincers and legs just like the allusive vintage toy. All the articulation on the body is the same and the joints on mine are as tight as the ones on the red Beast Man. Camo Kahn only comes with his regular head and not an additional 200X inspired one like the MOTUC regular edition did.

The camouflage is all over his head is all over his body and head, and I think it looks fantastic. The Snake Men logo in the middle of his chest is a great touch as it shows his allegiance to King Hssss, as per his bio,

The feet and the pincers have a golden paint job and they really stand out against the dark colours used for the body and the camouflage. Even if they weren’t used on this figure, the brightness would stand out with the majority of the figures that came out in the line. Seeing how bright they are makes me want to see a golden variant of one of the figures using this paint.


The accessory Camo Khan comes with is a repaint of one of the Clawful/Weapons Packs clubs. It’s another throwback to the rare vintage figure.


People who have wanted the rare vintage figure for years, as well as those who have made custom Camo Khans, should be very pleased with this release. Once again, I really thank Val and the people behind The Power-Con for making this happen. As I said in my look at the red Beast Man, I couldn’t afford to get my hands on the green Granamyr, but hopefully some day.


Camo Khan compared to the original MOTUC Kobra Khan


Camo Khan with the MOTUC Kobra Khans with alternate heads



Along with my two figures, I received a few extras in my package I wasn’t expecting: a non-attendee badge, a cool promo from Sideshow Toys promoting a giveaway of their Premium Format Skeletor Statue, and SIX amazing art prints from various artists with their profile pictures on the back and an brief bio on them. These prints are so great that I’m going to figure how to frame and display them.

I’m sharing the prints on here, but all the art belongs to the artists and copyright holders, of course. If anyone has an issue with me sharing them, please let me know.

Print #1 by Dave Wilkins

Print #2 by Chris Faccone

Print #3 by Kevin Sharpe

Print #4 by Simon Eckert

Print #5 by Axel Giménez

Print #6 by Nate Baertsch

I’m so impressed that I (and the other non-attendees) received these with our orders. It’s little things like that make you so appreciate the Masters of the Universe community and those who fight for it to stay alive in action figure form and pop culture. If anyone out there is reading this and can help me get a good deal on a green Granamyr (or two – I try and have two of everything so I can keep one MOC and one in front of it to display), please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.