Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con Exclusives (Part 1)



Quick Preface

The Power-Con, a convention that celebrates everything Masters of the Universe/Princess of Power, took place for the third time (I think) on June the 4th & 5th, 2016 in California. One thing that made this Power-Con extra special for action figure fans were the availability of three different Masters of the Universe Classics figures: a red Beast Man, Camo Khan, and a green Granamyr.

At first, people were really, really pissed that these figures were exclusive to the Convention. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at first either. As a completest, I want(ed) to have access to any figure and been able to get my hands on everything in the line so far (minus the Twistoid and Rotar fiasco, but that’s another story). Those who couldn’t get the figures knew that Ebay would probably be the only place to get them and that would cause a lot of people to be paying out the ass for figures just complete their collections.


Left to Right: green Granamyr, red Beast Man, and Camo Khan    Source:

Word came out a bit later that Val Staples, who I think is the main organizer behind PowerCon and, and was responsible for working with Mattel in being able to bring the exclusives to fruition, would work on making those who couldn’t attend the convention be able to get their hands on the figures. These figures have the lowest production numbers in the line, so it breathed a relief to those who could at least get one of them without resorting to the aftermarket.

Long story short, people attending the Con got to order their figures and then it was open for others who couldn’t attend to order one of each. About three weeks later, those who couldn’t attend had the chance to add another figure (of each if they wanted) to their order, which was great for me as I like to grab two of everything.

Last week my figures arrived! They were packed well with some extras I wasn’t expecting (that I’ll share later on). I don’t think the box needed to be as big as it was (it was filled with one green garbage bag full of peanuts – which probably cost me more shipping, but at least they arrived in mint condition, so I digress).

I ordered two Red Beast Man figures and two Camo Khan figures. While I would have liked two Green Granamyr figures, the lousy Canadian dollar, shipping costs, and the customs/taxes that I usually get dinged with prevented me for being able to afford them. Maybe someone will bless me with this fine publicity and show the love with getting me one (HA!). Here are my quick looks at the Power-Con figures I received.


The significance of this figure being made is it the first appearance of Beast Man in the very first mini comic, He-Man and the Power Sword, drawn by Alfredo Alcala. As you can see from the pics below, he’s a bit different from the version we know from the Filmation cartoon from the 80s and the vintage toy! Skeletor, Mer-Man, and other fan favourites looked a tad different in these early comics.

The packaging for Beast Man is the same as the other figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. It’s cool to see that a) we have some Power-Con representation on the outer mailer-box, b) the Power-Con exclusive logo on the side, and c) a bio in the times where we don’t have bios anymore on the back of the packages.

I think it’s pretty cool that the bio gives a reason behind as to why Beast Man’s fur changed colour over time. I also really like the picture of the old-school red Beast Man in the corner of the bio.

The figure is basically a repaint of the very first Beast Man that was released at the end of 2008, so if you want more details about that figure, you can look at my Rewind retrospective HERE. You’ll notice he has the same buck/body, the same articulation, and the same accessories.

Beast Man still has the same head sculpt and snarl, but the difference is in his eye colour and that his lips, fur and skin are all just in red.


Although this is a repaint, I really like how his arm armour comes across with the red paint with the black in the crevasses of the spikes. The sharp spikes on Beast Man’s hands also pop with the new colour scheme and his nails are really, really red.

As mentioned before, Beast Man comes with his whip just like his vintage toy and 2009 MOTUC figure did.


My 2008 MOTUC Beast Man’s joints are a little loose from years of posing (and some right out of the package), so it’s nice to have a Beast Man with tight joints to get him in some great poses without worrying about him falling over.

Here’s a comparison shot of the red Power-Con Beast Man and the Beast Man that was released way back at the end of 2008!


Below is a shot of all the Alcala inspired figures/heads/colours that have been brought to us by Mattel and The Four Horsemen over the years. I don’t think you could ask for more vintage or more of a throwback than this!


The band is back together!

I really liked the notion of making this figure an exclusive as some people don’t want repaints. For me, this was a must-have as I have strong ties and nostalgia to the old comics. With having the Alcala head for Skeletor (with an extra body to display it on) and the Alcala inspired/coloured Mer-Man, a red Beast Man was needed to put the band back together. Thank you to Val and The Power-Con crew for making this happen. Part 2 should be up tomorrow and will feature Camo Khan and some bonus items!