Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Castle Grayskull Figure Stands


Another bonus in February of 2010 for Masters of the Universe Classics fans was the ability to buy some stands for their figures. This item was not included in the subscription but they were really demanded by the fans.From what I remember, these were $12 each and they contain 5 bases with multiple pegs. I’m not one to use stands very often, but as a completest, I thought I should at least buy two packs. I’m glad I did because they sold out in under four hours. I would never have guessed they would. I don’t even think they were even re-released.

More so than the completest in me, the effort that went into the stands and their aesthetic pulled me in. The stands are based on the bricks of Castle Grayskull and they have the ability to go side by side and look harmonized with each other. As well, the packs included 5 of these little background walls that you can put behind the character to make it more of a small diorama piece rather than just a bottom piece for your figure to stand on.


The pegs are easy to get in and out with a little tool that they give you. They hold the figures well, but if your figures are off balance a bit (due to loose joints and the pose you chose), you may find that they’ll may still tip over and the stand will go with them.


For $12 each, these stands were a cool little extra for the year. You weren’t forced to buy them and many fans demanded them. I couldn’t imagine buying all these for the figures I had already owned, nor for all the ones that were coming that year, so I just got a few just to have samples of. Like I said above, they sold out in less than four hours, so I wouldn’t have had the choice anyway.