Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Trap Jaw


BA-CHOMP! BA-CHOMP! BA-CHEWY CHEWY CHOMP! No, it’s not South Park, but man, this character reminds me of some good chompin’ and was one of my next highly anticipated characters in the Masters of the Universe Classics line: Trap Jaw! He went on sale on February 16, 2010 and sold out in about 20 minutes.

I know I already took a look at the recently released Trap Jaw in the Club Grayskull line that gets his inspiration from the classic Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon. This figure is inspired from the vintage toy line. We were anxious to see the updates to the figure and what kind of sculpting and bad-ass look the Four Horsemen would be giving him and man, they delivered and in more ways than one.

Trap Jaw is in the same packaging that the other figures came in and has a bio on the back. In the bio, we read how Kronis served Keldor (who is Skeletor) but then tried to rise against his former master with an army of his own. It’s interesting to read that Keldor broke his arm and jaw and that Tri-Clops turned him into the half-man/half-machine we  know him better as.

Let’s just start off saying that there is a lot going on with this figure. There are newly sculpted parts and so many things included with the figure. He is on the same chest piece as the other figures and features some shared parts in the arms, but that’s about it (from what I remember). I will say that with all the new pieces, the articulation in the body is the same as the other and nothing is prevented from moving how you want for posing.

The head sculpt for Trap Jaw is one of the best parts of this figure, and that’s saying a lot with all the goodness this figure encompasses. His facial expression is menacing and brings out a determined to be evil look. The eyes are piercing, but I never realized until I was taking these pictures that my Trap Jaw has some derpy eyes! The expression is great, but up close, his left eye is just off and makes him look a tad humourous.

The coolest surprise for me with this figure is the “broken jaw.” It doesn’t look broken to me, it looks more like it was ripped out! The vintage figure never had anything behind the iron jaw like this, so imagine everyone’s surprise when they lowered it and saw this part of the head sculpt. I think the Four Horsemen could get away with sculpting this as this was an online only line aimed at adult collectors. This little extra makes me think about a “what if” MOTU Zombie line.

The torso is the standard male buck, but there’s so much added to it. The left arm has some new shoulder pieces while the right arm is brand new to interchange all the weapons Trap Jaw comes with. The arm is articulated at the elbow, unlike the newly released Club Grayskull Trap Jaw. The paint all over the torso and it’s sections (as well as the legs) have a really cool metallic shine to them. There are little touches here and there all over the figure


The legs are new and at the time, us collectors were happy to see them. They feature new boots and shin guards as well as upper leg armour. As the line moved on, holy shit, we saw these legs used many, many times.

What’s Trap-Jaw without his arsenal of weapons? Just like the vintage figure, he comes with his trusty gun, robotic clamp, and a hook. They are all easily interchangeable in the socket although they do take a little bit of a push and pull to get in and out. You have to be a bit careful with the gun because, as you can see from the picture below, with lots of usage over the years, it can become susceptible to bending or warping.


As if this figure couldn’t get any cooler, Mattel and co decided to add an extra head and arm so we could make the Kronis figure, something that us collectors never got before. When that was announced, it was an easy decision to pick up a third figure so I could display him permanently like that as well.  I love the sneer on Kronis’ face as he comes across as cocky.

Trap Jaw is one of many fan’s favourite MOTUC figures – he’s probably in the majority of people’s top five lists, if not, top ten, and that’s a pretty high ranking with some many figures that were released over the last eight years. I think I’d put him still in my top five as well. Add excellent paint application (except for the one eye on mine), a great sculpt that pays homage to the classic while giving fans an updated, more adult look, AND a potential second figure to display (if you bought an extra), and you have the epitome of action figure excellence.