WWE Raw Thoughts: June 13, 2016


Source: wwe.com

The last episode of WWE Raw has come and gone and it was supposed to really hype up this Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV. Seeing how I’ll be doing my predictions this week, I’m not going to waste a lot of time on the go-home show that didn’t really go anywhere.

The John Cena/AJ Styles promo exchange was good again. I’m still happy that they’re concentrating on focusing on the “who’s the better one in the ring” story and not something silly. I still find some of Cena’s retorts to be juvenile, but that’s just him. I like that Styles had two contracts to choose from to sign: one where it stated it would be him and The Club vs. Cena or just himself vs. Cena, and he chose to go it alone. I’ll HOPE WWE lets this match just be a one on one match with no interference, but I just can’t see Cena losing clean in his first encounter with Styles. Then again, we weren’t expecting Owens to win over Cena the first time either.

The other main promo that was important was the Ambrose Asylum segment where Rollings and Reigns faced off while the third former member of The Shield hosted. I found it to be ok, but not as powerful as the Styles/Cena confrontation as Reigns is just so bloody boring on the mic.  Props for Ambrose downing Reigns at the end of the segment to have the viewers think that he could win the Money in the Bank match and try to cash it in that night. I think it would be neat to see Ambrose walk out on Sunday as champ with the three feuding to lead to a three-way dance for the belt at Summerslam in August.

Now for some quick thoughts:

Once again WWE has let me down with the Women’s Division. We’re still focusing on Natty and Charlotte? You’re kidding, right? I don’t care if the match on Sunday is a tag team match as there are other women on the roster that could be used in meaningful story lines.

Why did Charlotte end up getting pinned so fast and easy by Paige? Where’s Paige been? Why is there conflict between Dana Brooke and Charlotte already when they haven’t had them working enough as a duo yet? Why didn’t the announcers play up the shock of Paige winning? Why isn’t Paige next in line for the belt after upsetting the champ? Why do we care that Becky Lynch is even involved in all this? Do we even care about Natayla at this point? The answer to all these questions ends up leading back to how fucking inept WWE Creative is and how out of touch Vince is.

Speaking of inept, here are more examples of what was wrong with Monday night’s program and the writers/Vince just shoving the same shit down our throat: Ambrose and Jericho again? More of the same matches tonight again? Doing nothing with Zack Ryder after booking him to win a big match at Wrestlemania? Stephanie and Shane McMahon still at each other and no announced plan to the WWE audience on how they are going to get us to take Smackdown seriously again? Corporate Kane? Holy shit, WWE, give me a break here!! You’re paying talent and writers, right?  At least they let Rusev show that he’s a monster heel this week.

I still have no idea why they’re overbooking a WWE Tag Team title match with four teams and then having two teams vs two teams on a show with those members all getting along with they’re all trying to gun for the biggest Tag prize in the industry. I want The Club to win and start decimating people. That’s what I want to see – characters and wrestlers out to be the best, defend their belts, and focus on being the best, not horseshit comedy.

No Miz and no Intercontinental Championship matches (or matches recently) because he’s filming a movie? Take the belt off him as I’m sure there’s plenty of talent in the back that would run with the “brass ring” and perform. Make us care for these champions and championships, guys!

That’s it for me this week. I don’t want to focus on the negativity of this week’s show when I was more pumped last week to watch Money in the Bank as I want to see if we’ll see some change and movement in this touted “New Era,” which has been nothing but a bunch of WWE PR BS so far (how’s that for using a shitload of acronyms in a row)?

Quick addition: as I’m about to publish this, Raw‘s ratings fell to a 2.03. That’s the lowest of the year and the lowest in 19 years. Check out the article over at PW Torch for a run down and a link to another analytical article. Holy shit, WWE Creative and Vince, your
“new era” and writing need some help.