Mint In Box Rewind: Movie Maniacs Series 3 Figures – McFarlane Toys


I took a look previously at some figures from McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs series one and two. Today I’m going to wrap up my MIB Rewind features on this line  for the regular sized figures as this article contains the last Movie Maniacs figures I own in the six inch scale. I have two more larger figures, but I’ll be saving those for quick individual articles.I’ll start this one off with one of the most requested figures of all time: Ash from The Evil Dead franchise. This figure is based off Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of Ash in the Army of Darkness movie, which is also a cult classic. If you’re reading this article and haven’t seen this movie or the first two Evil Dead movies, then I don’t know why you’re on this site.

The packaging for the figures I have for this series is similar to the past two series. The picture in the top left corner is of the figure and not a movie still like in series one. The packaging shows the figure in a large bubble and many years after buying these, my Ash figure’s bubble is pretty clear, while the one for the figure below isn’t.

The back of the package shows the figures in the line. Still to this day, I’ve never watched Escape from New York., so I didn’t need a Snake Plisskin figure. I do have an Edward Scissorhands figure, but it’s out of the package due to it being damaged (and the movie poster backdrop is MIA). I also didn’t pick up the figures from The Thing. They were cool, but once again, there were other things that I spent my money on. I do regret passing on those two creature figures from that movie, though.

The Ash figure has some great sculpting to it. The face is definitely Bruce Campbell but not 100% accurate , but that’s OK as we have to remember that this figure was released in 2000 and we’ve come so far with likeness and sculpting.  At the time, though, this was amazing.

The clothing is sculpted well but where this figure falls short (then and now) is with the articulation. There’s so little of it which really limits the posing possibilities. I know McFarlane was always bashed for this, but sometimes you do have to appreciate this line and the company for what they brought forward in the sculpting department for action figures.

IMG_2679The accessories he comes with are a mini Ash minion (from the movie), his BOOMSTICK (shotgun), the Book of the Dead, and his robotic hand. Just like the other figures in the Movie Maniacs line, he also comes with a mini display featuring the movie poster.

The next figure I have for this series is the Fly from the remake movie of the same name. This movie always invokes two memories for me: first, the arm wrestling scene where Jeff Goldblum breaks the guy’s forearm and second, (spoiler) the end of the movie where the Veronica (Geena Davis) puts an end to his misery with a shotgun. It always made me sad when I watched it in my preteen days.

The figure is sculpted well, just like Ash, but the same thing is the negative: the lack of articulation for those that have them out of the package.  I will say that the sculpt makes up for the lack of articulation because this thing is awesome. The sculpt in the face is so accurate that I have no idea how you can debate any flaw. Even the hairs coming from the mandibles  are so well done and it’s detailing that you wouldn’t expect.


The Fly doesn’t come with any accessories as he’s a figure like Pumpkinhead that just didn’t use anything in the movie so there’s nothing that needed to be included. He does come with a mini movie poster as well.


That wraps up my look at the regular scale figures in the Movie Maniacs line I have. As the line continued, I started collecting other things or used my money for something else. As the line went on, there were a few figures I should have picked up (like Jason from Jason X), but that’s how life goes. Do you have a favourite Movie Maniacs figure? If so, comment below!