Mint in Box – Freddy Krueger NES Style by NECA


NES Title Screen – Source: LJN

I’ll confess right off the bat: I’ve never played the NES game based on A Nightmare on Elm Street. I never saw it available for sale when I was a kid and I think I may have been just getting into SNES gaming by the time I knew it was out (and had sold my system and games to help pay my mom for upgrading me to a SNES).


If you want to check out this game, you can find plenty of walk-throughs on Youtube like the one I added below, but I will say that you have to check out the Angry Video Game Nerd’s take on it if you never have seen it, as you can see that LJN’s craptastic take on games continued with this one.

With all that being stated, NECA has done a great job with their video game series figures. I already looked at the NES-style Jason here (and there’s a link to other figures they’ve done in that article), and while I still haven’t picked up the Leatherface figure based on the Atari game, I jumped at getting Freddy because, well, he’s fucking Freddy and it doesn’t matter to me that he’s just a repaint – the whole package is what matters here.

This figure was released at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 and already goes for some good coin on the after-market. I think as NECA has released more excellent video game figures over the past few years, people want to fill out their collection.

I’ve mentioned the awesome packaging from NECA before in all my other Mint In Box features, and this figure’s packaging is similar. The front of the box features the same look as the NES game box, with the back following suit and also including the same synopsis. I still love seeing the NECA brand as the old school Nintendo “Seal of Quality.”

Inside, you have the screen that appeared when you beat the game. On the right, you can see the figure in collector-friendly window-box packaging. You won’t have any issues taking it out of the box, displaying and putting the figure back in. Once again, I applaud NECA for thinking of all types of collectors. Another great thing that NECA did with the packaging is use the life bar graphics from the game for the top of the packaging above Freddy.  Little touches like this go a long way.

The figure is a repaint of one of NECA’s past Freddy figures. I don’t have the Freddy figure this one is a repaint of to compare this to and because the older Freddy figures go for good price on the aftermarket, it’s hard for me to grab one for a decent price.

The accessory Freddy comes with is his hat, as what else does Freddy really need for his video game appearance? I suppose they could have added a small creature that wandered around in the game, but then again, this is focusing on Freddy and not the other designs in the game.

In the background, you can see the pixelated classic Nightmare house from the game, which is another great touch and matches with the choice to use the health bars above him well.

The colours used on the figure are like the ones in the NES game. I’m kinda colour blind so the colours are a bit off-putting to me, but they seem accurate to the character in the game.


Souce: LJN/

The head sculpt is amazing. The evil grin captures Freddy’s disdain and hatred while the textures on his face really do the figure and character justice. I’m happy that the head isn’t in some funky colour and I know that if this wasn’t a video game figure, there would probably be some more colour to the face, as adding some red tone to the tissues would have really brought this character more to life.

The teeth are also so well done. It’s hard to imagine the work that goes into sculpting figures and when you see the fine details like this, you really have to give your props to the people behind designing them.


Freddy’s glove has some great sculpting as well. So much that I really want to search Ebay to find the original figure to grab it to see how the paint details on it as this glove is really well done.

When this figure was announced, I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick it up due to the colours, but once I saw the overall presentation, I changed my mind quickly. I can see how this style of figure isn’t for everyone, but for a gaming and horror fan like myself, how could I not pick it up?!  Now if I could just make up my mind on the video game style Leatherface….