Mint In Box: Ultimate Leatherface by NECA Toys

I’ve already taken a look at the amazing “Ultimate” figures of Freddy and Jason by NECA Toys, so it’s time that I get to one the last of the top three movie maniacs, Leatherface! This figure celebrates 40 years of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and Leatherface.I watched so many A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th movies in my preteen and teenage days, plus other assorted horror movies, but I never watched the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre until I was 19 or 20. Why? I don’t really know! I knew who Leatherface was and already had the Movie Maniacs figure from McFarlane Toys, but no one I knew owned it and I didn’t go out and rent a lot of movies. Once I saw it, it shocked me and the horror fan in me wanted to kick me in the nuts for not seeing it earlier. It’s still one of my favourite movies of all time and it still makes me feel uneasy when I watch it…but it’s just so well done.

This figure was released around the end of August/early September of 2015. The packaging is similar to the ones found with the Ultimate Freddy and Jason figures. The front of the box depicts the original movie poster. It is vibrant and crisp and for those familiar with the classic movie poster, it would be an immediate head turner.

The back of the box features the original movie synopsis just like the other figures. I still think this is an awesome idea as those nostalgic write-up capture the moment in time.

Inside, you can see it is also set up the same as the other two villain figures. On the right, you can see the figure and all his accessories in a window box that is collector friendly to remove and place the figure back in. On the left, you have a large picture of the figure on a cool background inspired from the movie.

The body, from what I can tell from it being in the package, is a really proportional. Leatherface has over 25 points of articulation so you can get him in some amazing poses, as seen over on the NECA website feature for this figure. The blood splatters on his apron and the blood stains on his arm are well painted and don’t make the figure seem like it’s going over the top with the gore. I never really noticed the bracelet on him in the movie, but with it obvious on the figure, I’ll have to take a closer look the next time I re-watch the it.


The face/mask sculpt is well done. The tongue hanging out with his rotten teeth showing is fantastic! I also like the stitching and the ripping in the mask on his forehead. Having some of the mask tearing away on the side of his face and the sculpting of the mask that shows depth between it and his real face is pulled off really well and gives an aura of realism to the figure. The only thing that I’m not the biggest fan of is the hair, but that seems like one thing I’m never happy with with many of the Leatherface figures.


The accessories he comes with are perfectly suited for Leatherface. He comes with a meat cleaver, a knife, a mallet, a meat-hook (insert Cannibal Corpse music here), and his trusty chainsaw. I know the pictures below don’t do the items justice, seeing how they’re in the package, but the amount of detail AND the touches they added with the paint applications show that NECA are once again dedicated to the franchises they get and to their fans.

One of the other accessories that I just had to single out on its own is the interchangeable head that has a different skin mask on it. I always found this one to be creepier than his original mask, especially when it is done well in plastic form, like it is here.


Just like the other two figures in the “Ultimate” series by NECA, I wish I had the money and the space to be able to have two figures (well, more the money part as I’d display the open figure with the MIB figure. I think NECA did this figure justice as I’ve always found that there is always just something missing or off with most Leatherface figures. Not since the original McFarlane Movie Maniacs figure, I haven’t been this satisfied with a Leatherface figure, and that’s why I had to add it to my collection.