Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Adora


The second year of Masters of the Universe Classics was starting off with a figure that was never put into plastic form before. Sure, She-Ra had a figure back in the day, but those figures were marketed more towards the girls at the time. She-Ra also just came as “She-Ra,” meaning that you couldn’t turn the figure into her regular persona, Adora.Adam (He-Man) and Adora (She-Ra) are twins who were separated at birth when Hordak had her kidnapped. The whole story behind Adora’s kidnapping, how she got to Etheria, and how she finally found her true-self that led to her getting the Sword of Protection and becoming She-Ra has gotten more complicated as the Masters of the Universe Classics/Princess of Power bios and cannon grew.


For example, we learned that Adora went under the name “Despara” for quite a while, serving Hordak and leading his army, leaving death and destruction in her path. A first ever Despara figure is coming pretty soon to the Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice line, so I can go into it more when that figure comes out.

Adora went on sale on January 15th, 2010 and lasted less than half an hour before she sold out, making her the fastest figure to sell out at that point. The packaging is the same that was used in the first year and the bio touches on what I have already discussed above.

Adora was only the third female in the line at this point (if you count The Goddess, but she was just a repaint of Teela, as discussed in my retrospective), so it was interesting to see what The Four Horsemen were going do with the sculpt and the female buck that Teela and The Goddess shared.

The head sculpt was all new and they did a marvelous job with her face. You can see the Filmation inspiration but it was updated just enough to give her more of a modern touch. The colour of the eyes and the lipstick really pop and I can say that I think this figure’s portrait is really gorgeous.

The hair is solid and large at the back. Because the hair is so big and due to Adora’s collar, it really hinders the head articulation. It’s hard to get some certain poses because she can’t look exactly where you want her to. I think it was a fair trade off as I’d only pose my figures on my shelf and change them every so often, so accuracy trumps articulation in my opinion. It wasn’t until starting this site and taking pictures for it did I really care about something like this. The head articulation still doesn’t bother me as the rest of the figure has the same articulation as Teela did from the head down and it works well.

The paint for the eyes is a little off on the one that I have out of the package, so I took a pic of the one I still have in the package as that one is a lot better.

The outfit on the body has some hits and misses. The hits are that the outfit really matches her cartoon depiction. There’s nothing that totally stands out as Adora’s uniform on the cartoon was pretty basic. I love the red used for her outfit as it’s bright and contrasts well to the white in her outfit.

The big miss here, and it’s big, is seen at the bottom of her outfit. The prototype that the fans were show indicated that the bottom of her outfit would be smaller and snugger around the crotch area. What we got was dubbed “Grannie Panties” by many on the forums as it just looks too big and off.

The weapons Adora comes with are the Sword of Protection, and her pistol. You could count the gun holster if you’d like, because it is detachable from her outfit.


The pistol is silver with a touch of red. It’s small and fits her hand well. Mine is a bit bent from manufacturing.

The Sword of Protection looks pretty damn close to the sword in the cartoon. The large gem is bright and doesn’t look like it’s cheap plastic. The shine from it really accents the silver of the sword well.

Adora may have shocked some people coming out before a She-Ra figure, but I think we all knew that a She-Ra figure would be coming soon than later and this was a way to kick of the new year with a bang and show that not only would MOTUC be a way of celebrating and updating vintage figures, it was also a means to introduce highly demanded figures that had never had a proper representation. For the most part, I think they did that with Adora.