Maple Butter Tart Ale


The next entry in my delicious beer series brings to the Maple Butter Tart Ale that is brewed and packaged by Sawdust City Brewing Co. out of Gravenhurst, Ontario and manufactured by Sweetgrass Brewing Co.   I saw this in the LCBO and passed on putting in my basket it at first glance after reading the name of the beer (although the graphics of the beer really made it stand out).

As I was searching for more options, getting some usual favourites and one or two new ones to try, all I kept thinking in my head was “Maple Butter Tart flavouring in a beer, yeah right.” So seeing how that kept going through my head, I went back and grabbed it to try. I’m lucky I did.

As soon as you open it, you are greeted with a pleasant caramel fragrance and then it hits you that you are smelling some butter tart goodness. I took a few sips and was totally surprised on how well the maple matched the beer. There was nothing that made this too overpowering nor too sweet.


The description, courtesy of the LCBO website describes the beer like this:

Deep amber colour with creamy head; forward aromas of maple, butter rum pudding, vanilla, caramel candy with notes of pie crust, toffee, molasses and chocolate; dry, medium bodied, creamy, well balanced crisp hoppy bitterness, flavours of maple, toffee and malt, with notes of fruit, amber rum and butter on a long finish.

The origin of the beer is conveniently on the back of the can!


Don’t pass this by because you don’t think the flavours may not match. I’m not a huge butter tart fan (I was when my Nanny (grandmother) made them, but since she’s passed, nothing comes close to what she used to make), but I really enjoyed this beer. It’s not overpowering and there’s no awful aftertaste. Try one!