Star Wars: The Black Series Jabba the Hutt SDCC 2014 Exclusive

I went over my love for Jabba the Hutt in my article about Return of the Jedi trading cards (I should take a look at a few more soon). The Black Series has brought classic Star Wars figures into the 6” scale since 2013. Some have been great hits with fans, while some have been the cause of some debate due to some design or sculpting choices.

When it was announced that Jabba the Hutt was coming to The Black Series in 2014, it was a given that I would be picking one up. Imagine my surprise when it was announced that they were also releasing a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) version in a special package with some extras!


Seeing how I could never have the time or the money to attend the convention to pick this (and other exclusives up) and how people sell the SDCC exclusives for large profit after the convention on Ebay, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to grab this. Well, there were so many put up on Ebay right after SDCC, I got one for only $40 above the original price of $65/$70. I didn’t mind paying the extra for one of my favourite characters.

The first thing that I’ll take a look at is the packaging. Seeing how I keep so many things Mint in the Box/Package (MIB/MIP), the package is a great reason for this one toy to stay in there. The box is very large and keeps the minimal detailing found on the other Star Wars Black packaging. On the back you see a faded picture of Jabba with a small description and his right hand man, uh, I mean, Twi’lek, Bib Fortuna.

The front of the box design is great and functional because they have a flap held in place with some Velcro that protects what’s within. The flap itself is cool because it’s in the shape of the bottom of Jabba’s main gate in the movie.

When you open up the package, you can see how awesome this display is and why they chose to make this an exclusive – inside is a diorama of Jabba’s throne room. To the left, you can see a cardboard Han Solo in Carbonite. If you got a hold of the very first Star Wars Black SDCC figure from 2013, Boba Fett, he came with a plastic Han Solo in Carbonite that you can swap out and put in its place. I didn’t score one and the prices on Ebay are way too high to justify me grabbing one just for the Han Solo in Carbonite.


On the other side of the flap, you can see the grate the characters in Jabba’s throne room stand before the mighty Jabba (and subsequently can fall into the Rancor pit). While I would have liked to see a bit more colour or definition to the bars, it’s still a cool touch nonetheless.


I also like how the throne is a part of the packaging, but it looks like it could be damaged if you take all the plastic holding Jabba off. The back of the diorama looks just like the scene behind him in the movie, which is great they included as they are trying to replicate this as close as possible to the movie – and that’s what you’re paying extra for!



The face sculpt of Jabba replicates the source material, although I think he looks a bit too happy. Maybe he’s happy because one of his bounties came in or whatnot. I think the eyes are painted well, although his left eye is off-centre just a bit. The little details like the slobber/saliva around his mouth are great touches and Jabba needs that drool! His nostrils are large and deep, while the accents/wrinkles around his eyes and down toward his mouth really bring life to the figure.



The plastic for the head is different than the rest of the body. It’s softer because of a feature that I didn’t even know the figure had until I got it in: the ability to press down on Jabba’s arm and make his mouth move.

I think if you are really rough with this feature, there could be more breakage in the seam of his mouth. If you’re carefully and don’t go crazy having him mimic his Huttese, perhaps it won’t get as bad as it could. Mine has a tiny rip and it’s a bit disappointing seeing that I’ve barely ever played with the mouth feature. I’ve seen online that people have bought them and have had the save experience. Perhaps it can all be ignored because you can focus on how awesome his huge tongue is.



The body is a harder plastic and the detailing from the wrinkles to the numerous slug-like suction cup thingies are spot on and numerous, with enough paint applications to give the body variety and appeal. I mean, if you like the slug type.

His torso moves slightly left and right while his elbows and his writs have some articulation as well. I have to give Hasbro props for giving Jabba his tattoo/branding on his right arm. That’s the kind of attention to detail I want in a figure like this.

The other extras the SDCC Jabba comes with are his bowl and pipe, as well his little buddy, Salacious B. Crumb. There is great detailing on the pipe and the bowl itself. The little decos and extra paint detailing make this more than just a “toy.” You really need to see this all in person because at the bottom of the bowl, they do have some small little frog creatures in there just like in the movie. It was very hard to try and capture this on my camera.

As for Salacious Crumb, he looks pretty good, although a bit on the cartoony side (mind you, he was a puppet). His head sculpt is pretty good and I like the extra paint to bring out the hair on his head, on the end of his ears, his cheeks, and around his neck.  I think I would have like to have seen him in a mid-laugh pose, or perhaps a bit angrier (like I wanted Jabba to be) to give him just a bit more character. It would have also been cool to see his fingers and toes be articulated but I’m sure that would have totally driven up the price.


As for his articulation, his head can pivot up,down, left and right. He also has articulation at the shoulders for his arms and ball joints as well for his legs. It’s minimal, but they could have chosen to do none at all and keep him totally static.

I think that Hasbro did pretty well with this release and I can understand why they saved a version like this for SDCC. I’m sure retail space for it would be difficult to get because the box is so big and the extras would only fit in a huge diorama box like this. If his throne wasn’t included here or the retail release, what would be the point of including the pipe and bowl if they couldn’t be displayed properly? I could have seen them including Salacious Crumb with the retail version, but that’s what just makes this set even more collectible.

I’ll be looking at the other Star Wars Black figures down the road in my Mint In Box features and I’ll probably do them in order like I’m doing with the MOTUC retrospectives. Jabba always comes first, though. Always. On a side note, I’ve always wondered how Jabba poops.